Community Is Our Greatest Strength

Community is Our Greatest Strength

What exactly does the word community mean? According to the dictionary it means “all the people who live in a particular area, or a group of people who are considered as a unit because of their shared interests or background.” Certainly it’s hard to find this kind of thing in today’s neighborhoods. And depending on just how diverse your town or city it is, this applies less so.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “diversity is our greatest strength”. And well if you’re reading this you already know that’s a load of ****. However, the words diversity and community are so often put together that in a literal translation they are exact opposites. One would think a good community would be strength among the people. That brings me to the main point here. Community of whites.

Whether your community is your street, your town, your state or country; a community is the place you call home. In order to have a strong bond between those you live around you must practice certain likeness. It wasn’t long ago that The Silent Generation who was the last to truly make this reality understood the gravitas of networking, friendships, fraternity, and yes… Mannerbund. In those days you had serious relationships between your fellow man in your community. The police were respected and they respected the citizens. The home owners association fought tirelessly against globohomo capitalism. And your children could be outside playing till the street lights came on. Why is this? Trust.

Through years and years of civil rights, Marxist indoctrination centers (aka public schools), and televised propaganda we have been programmed to distrust our fellow man. The Boomer generation was raised to think all that matters is yourself. Generation X was made to believe that nothing mattered! And the following generations a mixture of both. In a way I can only describe as “party until the Nukes drop.”

We all understand that this is a generational struggle and it starts with us. Already we have been putting in more work to our optics, our manners, and as I like to say, “growing up.” Too many of us once were or still know someone who refused to grow up. The kiddult, the Soy Boy, the Bugman. This is a result of our enemies long war against us. We can turn this around. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Everyone follows the strongest man in the room. So be kind, be in shape, be loyal, be brave, and smart. Never be disingenuous, do not lie, and act not as a slob. Dress the best you can. Throw away your band T shirts and wear a button down. Get a hair cut and wear some nice shoes. Most importantly once you’ve done that build a family. Now once you get this far think to yourself, “If everyone around me did this, we would have a pretty nice community.”

Men of good character stand together because they refuse to see the degradation of their society. Slobs and man-child’s wish only to consume product and clamor about their vulgarity. Do not be like them. Confuse these men with your superior virtues! Shame them! They will come to question their own morals. Community will become natural when all men develop these traits. Only the shell of a man cowers in his convictions of nihilism. Urge your brothers and neighbors to build with you. To spend time among one another and bring families together. Your neighborhood should be able to govern itself and hold more power than that the state has institutionalized. Even the agents of the state are men whom in a perfect world should be able to be a part of our community, to shed the world of “elites” and those that see themselves as above the common man. There still exists a love for one’s people and these men that hold this value should lay claim to their leadership roles in their community. Whether it is in time of dire straits or a local fair to be planned.

Trust must be repaired, and with it self improvement. Only then will it pave the road to a brighter future, a community where all our children can play in the streets or the woods free from the threat of diversity and Marxism.

2 thoughts on “Community Is Our Greatest Strength

  • November 2, 2019 at 12:17 PM

    Achilles, you used the word “Gravitas.”

    -tas words like that (Avctoritas, Dignitas, Pietas = Virtus) come from the Religio Romana where the Pagan antecedents of Catholicism had scientifically formulated morality and character.

    Time has eroded this cultural emphasis on morality.

    Gravitas (Gravity) survives in Christian Theology. In the Bible, Glory was rendered from Greek as being a weight. The weight of glory. It was the idea that a man’s honour became as a weight that bolstered his physical presence.

    Since you’ve joined the Männerbund, would you say that you’ve felt an increase in Gravitas? Does that glory weigh heavily? A constant reminder of how carrying that weight makes you stronger?

    • November 7, 2019 at 12:34 AM

      Absolutely! Something with meaning and a hidden passion unlocked within joining the fraternity.


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