Much Ado About Brotherhood

I was asked by a friend to answer a pertinent question. What has brotherhood done for you. The question is simple, and it is pragmatic. If we wish to sell the concept of Männerbund, if we wish to build a community as we most certainly shall… how do we sell it? My point, of course, is that it is easier to sell a concept when there are clear benefits.

The immediate answer is that for me, myself, the Männerbund has given me an outlet where access to fellow travellers whose thoughts have taken them to the same places as I, is monumental. For me, life had been theoretical. I general. Do not take me to mean the political level, that’s the tip of an iceberg fit to savage ocean liners.

Prior to joining a Männerbund I threw all my feelings and thoughts into the wind. Either I would waste them on Normies I know who are quite politically inclined to never understand me thoroughly. Or I would keep them to myself and feel like I was on the precipice of losing my mind. Or I would cast them to the internet and grow despondent that this wonderful and dreadful invention that can open you up to an entire world of concourse and simultaneously leave you more alone than ever. No one can fill themselves with so much content and walk away emptier than on the internet, P.F. Chang and the Chinese Food Empire has tried, and they have faired.

In the Männerbund, I can speak my peace. If my words are not understood, than someone tries to understand. In the Männerbund, with like minds, you are not cast aside and labelled a psychopath. More than that, opinions are respected. Not everyone in the Männerbund has come to this realisation yet, but when they do, when they speak their peace, their ideas will be well met. Where else can you claim this? You can’t claim it at an airport, you won’t find it at your consumer marketplace. You won’t it in your church. You won’t find it in a political party. You might well find it in a brotherhood.

So there’s that. I know a brother that lives close by. There have been instances when I reach out, and have been reached out to. Mutual assistance is assured. When I had a gawmy awful sum’gun of an oil drum to move, he rendered assistance without question. Without that help I would have had to engineer a semi-retarded solution that more than likely would have been abandoned in favour of brute force, blind rage… and a subsequent injury. On another instancehe had asked if I would help him move some furniture, which I did. I know another brother who came to lend presence when I was working on a remodel on my house. In turn, I lent my presence for a project of his. Hell, I know another brother still that tries to help me learn the internet, which is most decidedly not my favourite pastime.

Otherwise, I’m paying out my ear to hire help for the drum. I’m paying to hire an internet coach. My friend has to find another friend to move… or pay someone. You get where I’m going with this? If you’re a reptile who thinks only in practical absolutes, than there you have it. A Brotherhood, well employed, reduces the overhead resource drain you must endure to navigate through the baffled waters of Normielandia.

But I don’t care so much about the practical as I do the holistic. Beyond the entire spectrum of philosophical and practical reasons, there are more esoteric reasons. I have always been a self-motivated man. I have never had a problem with this. When I set a goal, I move to overcome it, and I generally do not stop until I have found a way. Having found a sense of Brotherhood has sharpened those instincts of self-improvement and motivation which I have. Because, frankly, it ain’t ‘just me’ anymore.

I can bring my successes and failures to the table. Not to lord them over people. God(s) forbid. I can bring my trophies with me and they can be everyone’s. Theoretically, men can share success. If I can max my 1rm on my deadlift at #441, than everyone else who takes up the Bar can hope to do the same thing. When I share my projects, anyone who has a pair of hands can use them to whatever charism they have and make something beautiful themselves. If I give my thoughts, someone else can think them. Then they are not ‘just mine’ anymore.

But there is, too, the selfish angle. Before encountering Männerbund or any sense of Brotherhood, I felt alone in the world. My labours were not labours of love, they were duties to perform. I took my deadlift from 270 to 310, and that took the better part of a year. After working in the confines of a Männerbund, I moved from 310 to 441 in I would estimate, half the time. My earlier plateau occurred because I was depressed, that I felt quite literally, alone in the world. It seems like a stretch to claim joining a Männerbund boosts your lifts, especially when you learn I lift alone, in my basement. But it has.

Ultimately, it is a place to speak of the things you would, and believe the things you would. Where your convictions will not label you persona non grata, and where your insights are not wasted. It is a place where you can be, and not have to be something else. There is a place for everyone else under the sun, but for White Men of good character. Even if you are, and you find a political party, you still have to tow the party line, and you could still sell your soul for whatever image that party’s leader wishes to convey. In a Männerbund, you can find the closest thing to equality that nature will allow.

What have you got to lose by finding one?


Husband. Craftsman. Nationalist.

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