Failings Of Modernity

This following is an examination on the failings of modernity, including the on-going spiritual warfare, the psychological manipulation we undergo, the emotional destruction they’ve perfected against us and how it affects all of us both individually and as a group.

I’d like to start off explaining my background, which lead me to the following system of beliefs so you know where I’m coming from.
My world view is formed by learning about people; specifically two main things, their spirituality and their psychology. I grew up Catholic but, as someone with parents just as weird and traveled as I am, there were all sorts of other beliefs being presented to me as well. Once I turned 18, I left everything behind, hopped on a bus for 8 hours and started my own journey.
I spent over a decade going to every possible religious service. LDS, JW and evangelical missionaries visited me weekly. I went to different Churches, Temples, Mosques and yes, even Synagogues each week. During the week I met with missionaries & went to different Hindu temples or Buddhist meetings nearly every night. Every Friday afternoon I went to a Mosque. Every Friday evening I went to a shul or synagogue. Every Saturday & Sunday morning I went to a Church or Cathedral. I joined every cult that was inviting. For over ten years I did this. I moved a lot, living up and down both coasts and all across the flyovers. The constant that remained was studying every possible religion I could from first-hand experience. Anyone that wanted to talk to or save me, I wanted to hear from them.

Through all of this I came to this conclusion: If you don’t believe in God, it’s because you’re either ignorant or arrogant. There are no other options. I can, and will if you’d like, argue several different avenues of logical/rational/scientific thought to the existence of God/a greater power. I can also offer plenty of insight on what different religions offer and what might be best for you to look into. But that is beyond the scope of this article, this article is about facing the enemy. I can say that I one hundred percent believe that the only real enemy is the synagogue of Satan. Not the Satan you think of in the bible. Satan is not a horned god, bright red or bright blue, no cloven hooves, nothing so exciting. Just a representative of falsehoods and failure. The enemy exist for only one reason, and that is to turn people away from reality. I don’t care if you refer to that reality as The Collective Unconscious, God, Krishna, Buddha, Thor, Allah, or even YHWH.

The reality is, humans exist as individual parts of a greater whole. Even at it’s greatest, that greater whole means nothing in the grand scheme of things. You exist to serve your community and your community exists to serve your people. Satan is whatever stops you from doing this. If you don’t believe in anything, the enemy has won. The synagogue of Satan, the people that don’t believe in anything, that don’t believe in land from which you were born, that don’t believe in the blood of your ancestors, that don’t believe in God. Those people have won. Your enemy, our enemy, has fooled you. If you don’t believe in a greater power than yourself then you can be diminished. You can be atomized and isolated into thinking all that matters is your family, or, in modernity, all that matters is YOU as an individual.

These people that want to see your lineage die out, they have you convinced that your pleasures, hobbies and interests are the only thing that’s important. The search for a mate? The search to have children? It can all be pushed off. As long as you’re happy in the present. They don’t do this because of a greater fight between good vs evil. No war for your soul. They only do this because it is the path of least resistance. If they can convince You to believe that there is no greater power, they can convince you that nothing matters except your inner world. Only you matter… and if only you matter? Then why try to reproduce, why try to produce anything, why try to have children and engage and be a better person? Why build societies and civilizations? Why philosophize and try to create a better world? After all, the only thing that matters is your short-sighted pleasure seeking behavior. Your consumption. This ability to destroy a society by destroying the individual is the basis of the [redacted] plan. The basics of The Protocols of the Elders of [redacted]. Your destruction, specifically the destruction of your beliefs, is the basis of their existence and the end-game to all of their plans. To be clear, I have no problem with Agnostics, hell, I don’t have a problem with Atheists. The entire modern world of Hollywood is against you and the modern Church that has affected your upbringing feels like bullshit too.

I know how you feel. You found out that you’ve been lied to your whole life, how could you trust anyone? If you can’t trust your boomer parents who still believe in the greatest hoax, how can you trust the Church that they forced you to go to? I understand completely. But trust me when I say that the Church you went to as a kid, the place maybe your parents only took you to for Easter and Christmas, the place that bored you to tears? That isn’t representative of what is really available. Do you discount every possible restaurant because your parent’s favorite restaurant only served crappy food that you hated? Maybe they like it there, or maybe they only went there because they grew up with it, but that doesn’t mean you have to go there. It doesn’t mean all restaurants are garbage. The core belief of every Church, every Cathedral, every temple and every religious building should be one in the same. The belief that YOU aren’t the world. That YOU don’t have control, that YOU don’t matter as an individual.

You are not special and you are not unique. But you are important. You exist to serve a greater power. I don’t care how you think of a greater power, but if you can’t accept that there is one, than they have won, and they will minimize and subvert your every desire, your every accomplishment, your every thought. That power can be viewed simply as the power of your family. You serve your wife, your brothers, your children. You serve your parents and you serve your friends. They all need you. But it’s not just them, it’s your people that need you. A belief in a greater power is an acceptance that everything we do needs to be for a greater purpose. Every decision we make should be to better ourselves so that we can better provide for our spouse and our children, so that they too can provide for our people. A belief in a greater power is a belief that every choice you makes matters. You know that feeling after you give-in to a weakness, say binge-watching tv, too much vidya or just eating garbage? The opposite of that feeling exists and it comes from doing the right thing.

If for no spiritual reason, for no theological reason, you need to know that you matter. Without you, there is no us. Without us, there is no purpose to life. Your family needs you. Your people need you. If you accept no other greater power, accept the greater power that is your tribe.

And so, it doesn’t matter what your personal history of belief is, whether you think we evolved free will or a greater power gave us agency, I believe that this free will is the source of evil and of our unhappiness. A look into the largest & most popular belief systems suggest that they believe this as well. Abrahamic religions for example believes that the more rules & instructions you have, the more you can do what you must without worrying about the alternatives. Buddhism, too, believes the more you understand how to live your life, the better it will become. Every religion gives us instructions proposing that the closer we follow them the happier we will be & the more in-balance we will be living with nature, The Tao or even God. If we were strong enough to make the right choices, we would be happier.

That explains the spiritual aspect of my belief system, but on top of the comparative religion degree, as I mentioned in the opener, on my pursuit to understand humanity and try to help my people, I ended up getting an additional degree in psychology. As such, here is a brief psychological explanation of how once modernity fulfilled our needs, our desires hijack the brain to make us think of them as needs.

The most common source of stress and anxiety is an interesting case of our older, hardwired evolutionary adaptation to continue to strive gone amiss. In modern times, when we consider stress we may think of deadlines at work, bills to pay, or interpersonal relationships. In the past, however, for literally millions of years, the stressors that we as animals faced were far more drastic and urgent. The most common stressors, faced by all animals, are the needs for safety, sustenance and social interaction. This brings us to Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist best known for creating his hierarchy on psychological health based on fulfilling our various needs. Maslow’s original hierarchy of needs is most often portrayed as a five-tiered pyramid, with the fulfillment of the lower levels needed to first be achieved to rise to the next.

They are pictured below:

At the risk of being redundant, I’ll re-list them as such:

Level one: Physiological Needs.
Level two: Safety
Level three: Love/belonging
Level four: Esteem
Level five: Self-actualization.

Level one:
Without satisfying physiological needs such as water, food, shelter, it’s clear that we would be unable to progress to the level of safety. It should be noted that the levels need not be ‘one hundred percent satisfied’ to progress to the next. An example of this would be someone who meets their caloric requirements for survival, but eats foods of such low nutritional value that they suffer from vitamin deficiencies or malnutrition. This can be thought of as though we were building an actual pyramid. A structurally unsound foundation may hold up the higher levels for some time, but is eventually doomed to lead to an ultimate-collapse. In regards to food, eating disorders develop slowly, going unnoticed until they later directly affect higher levels of functioning.

Level two:
Safety needs refer to protection not only from the elements, but adequate security and stability. For example, a tent may shelter you from the elements but does not offer security against those that would do you harm. Employment provides safety from debt or poverty which would affect our physiological needs in level one. Without a stable and ordered society, safety can not be met. Law exists to give us the sense of safety from physical attacks that would negate our personal safety and health.

Level three:
Our need for love and belonging ties back to our evolution as tribal primates. Our need to feel as though we fit in, have friends and family that care about us, is more than simply emotional. It is a direct physical need. Acute loneliness, over long periods, is not only a sense of sadness, but actualized by our brain as physical pain that can lead to long-term chronic pain disorders. Chronic feelings of isolation weaken our immune system, making us susceptible to future injury and disease.

Level four:
Esteem is separated into two categories. Esteem for oneself, often referred to as self-esteem, is an ability for us to accurately acknowledge our skills, abilities and achievements so that we may feel independent and develop self-worth.
The need for self-worth ties to esteem in relation to others, the need for our reputation and respect among peers. We need others to acknowledge our worth to society to know we have earned and will continue to earn our share, fulfilling our need for love, safety and sustenance.

Level five:
Self-actualization is achieved when the other levels are satisfied, allowing us to recognize that although we are safe and loved, we can always improve. The desire to not only be good at our jobs, but to be great, not simply to exist, but to flourish and thrive. It should be noted that Maslow’s hierarchy is not always linear, as most motivations in life come from multiple levels of need, also Maslow later added three more levels, cognitive, aesthetic and transcendent needs. These mostly expand on things already covered. Furthermore, Maslow’s focus was on on motivations and positivity. Our focus is not on what motivates us, but on how we can use this model to understand the psychopathology that leads to feelings of chronic stress and depression.

As stated earlier, the majority of time we’ve spent evolving, humanity has struggled to fulfill the first two levels. Interest in holding a respectable position at a company or to become a painter is of no concern when there are barbarians at the gates and no food on the table. What then, happens when our needs are so easily satisfied that we become almost unaware of them? Simply put, our desires, our wants, start to be interpreted as needs by the subconscious. The direct physical and emotional effects that should be aimed at finding anything at all to eat become aimed at finding the tastiest, most pleasurable thing to eat. The need for the safety of a secure house is replaced by desire for elaborate floor-plans and the latest furniture we see on social media. The need for familial bonds to help us raise children has been replaced by the desire to get more re-tweets, more friends, more fans, more followers.

Our need for knowing that we can provide for our family to meet their needs has been usurped by a desire to make enough money to fulfill the previously mentioned cravings and find ever more attractive mates. The ability to differentiate between need and desire is integral to lasting mental and physical health. By shifting our focus to our needs we can lessen our desires and take control of who we are. The removal of physical stressors has created a pervasive sense of mental stress from the comforts of life.
Stress is the driving force of evolution, both on the scale of us as individuals and as a society. Without reorienting ourselves as individuals, a society based on fulfilling desires and providing pleasure/ comfort has emerged. Our society cannot be saved until we save ourselves.

Now that we’ve identified the basics of psychology as far as wants and needs, we can dive further into the individual issues. Firstly, Pleasure and Happiness are not the same. Pleasure is having that extra donut, that one more beer, the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow” or any decision that exchanges our future for our present. Happiness, on the other hand, is getting a good grade, a heartfelt thank-you, a “You look so healthy!’ or any other result from making a decision that we know in our gut is the right choice. Pleasure is the act of copulation, happiness is the resulting child. When we’re thinking clearly, it’s easy to see that doing the right thing would create long-term happiness and pride. But when we’re already intoxicated, hungry, or lonely, it’s easier to give in to the present, the fleeting, the temporary pleasure. What, then, is the solution?

Simply put, taking away the option for the temptation. Just as you wouldn’t let your child eat candy all day, you know that if they could, they would. Why is it easier to tell the child no than it is to refrain from having the candy yourself? Because you instinctively love your child and only want the best for them. But wouldn’t the best version of you be the best thing for your child? The issue here is that we no longer have a real, substantial and protective love for ourselves.

The main reason we have no love for ourselves is because just as our desires have replaced needs and we mistake pleasure for happiness, we also let pleasure replace pride. In small societies in the past, a village for example, it was easier to take pride in what we do and find happiness through simple living. It didn’t matter if you were the town doctor or the town plumber, you had a meaningful existence. You knew that every day, if someone had a problem, be it their lungs or their pipes, you would be their solution. As larger cities come into existence, you are no longer an individual, you can no longer take pride in your job because you are forced to compete with other plumbers. As more people move in, more plumbers move in, and your feeling of being needed by your peers drops lower. As your self-worth drops, you may perform worse in your job, and your peers need you even less. Eventually the end-game is finding yourself out of a job, which will almost certainly affect your relationships, and so your self-worth will continue it’s decline. This steep and slippery slope often ends with depression, loneliness and a hole that is so deep that it feels better to just accept it and wait to hit rock-bottom. In simpler terms, as population grows exponentially, the individual becomes less and less valued. Once there are more plumbers than pipes, we end up with an entire society whose self-worth begins to plummet. The current popular solution to this is the easiest one, we abandon sense of purpose for sources of pleasure. We trade long-term happiness for short-term rushes.

If we watch movies, we can vicariously have this source of pleasure. We see the same few people because it’s easier to identify with them. Instead of forcing the actor to be similar to the audience, we just have to fill the audience with a desire to be like them. It doesn’t matter if Chris Pratt is playing a plumber, we don’t even like being a plumber; we want to be whatever Chris Pratt is currently being! And so, after the movie is over, after our vicarious adventure ends, we come back to the cold hard terms of who we are. We’re not that hero, that movie star, that band on the stage. We’re just us, and we don’t really care for us; so we look away from ourselves, stare outward towards the celebrities. Maybe if I know what Chris Pratt is up to right now, I can continue pretending that I’m him. It’s fine that I don’t have a wife, because Chris Pratt is happily married! As long as we obsess about others, we avoid ourselves. With social media and the instant availability of the entire world, it’s no longer a few movie stars who we can live vicariously through. We now have the option to obsess about dozens, even hundreds of strangers. In our heads, we amalgamate them all into a perfect-person. Maybe it’s this guy I used to go to school with who has a great job. Maybe it’s a distant friend of the family who has found fame.
Maybe it’s just a stranger who lives somewhere perfect. As long as I’m focusing on them, I don’t have to be myself; the cycle continues to get worse. The self-worth of society as a whole drops. If everyone we focus on has perfect jobs, we can’t be happy with anything less.

The unfortunate reality is that there will always be someone richer, someone who lives somewhere nicer, someone more beautiful, and as long as we obsess about those things, we can never truly be happy. We can’t appreciate ourselves if we refuse to even be ourselves. This sort of oppression, while making life simpler and easier, cannot sustain itself. As long as people have the option to make the wrong choice, they will have the desire to do so. As stated before, this isn’t a new realization. Many societies have done their best to combat it. Some have gone so far as taking away all physical temptations, burning books, destroying concert-halls and movie theaters, even mass-slaughtering the local wildlife to prevent people from eating meat, oppression always leads to chaos as the inner-will only desires the things it can’t have more. The forced focus on individuality, instant gratification and pleasure has left a seemingly indelible mark on the mind and soul of everyone living in a first world civilization. But it only seems indelible. Changes can be made, but they start inside us all.
The solution that we face is not an easy one. It won’t be pleasurable & will be harder work than we’ve ever done. We won’t want to follow through, but we will. Because we know we deserve happiness. We all must make the right choice not just for ourselves, but for our family, for our land, and for the very future of our people.

Our people have been brainwashed into a strictly consumer mind-state. Our enemy has destroyed our spirituality, co-opted our psychology to destroy our ability to reason and through control of the media, advertising and most of the internet, they have destroyed our emotional responses. They figured out a shortcut in war. They figured out that there is no need to defeat your enemy if they’ll defeat themselves. They’ve convinced our people that there is no need to produce, just to consume! They want you to eat more food that makes you lethargic and continues your cycle of guilt. They know that these food choices both negatively affecting your sex-drive and your ability to attract mates. They’ve convinced you that everyone else has more energy than you, probably due to your lethargy from over-eating, so you need to drink more energy drinks and catch up. At the end of a long day of thankless work, they’ve convinced you that you need to drink more alcohol because man, you deserve it, and besides, everybody has more fun drinking! Don’t forget to smoke cigarettes, because as you know from all of your consumptive media, everybody cool smokes cigarettes. And hey, you already smoke tobacco, why not weed? It makes all your problems go away and makes you creative and stuff, just like all your heroes in music and on tv. While you’re high, you might as well binge-watch the latest movies or TV shows that have replaced your desire to have friends and peers, because really, you’re becoming a lazy, fat stoner that drinks too much. But hey, your tv-show friends don’t know that, and you know all about them.

It’s so much easier to just keep on consuming. There’s no need to go through all the work to feel happy and proud of yourself by completing tasks and actually producing something on your own. Why try and fail when you can instead, play a quick video game where you can satisfy all those inborn desires to have an effect on your surroundings? I mean, really, who needs production when you can skip straight to pleasure? I mean.. you could go work for the betterment of yourself, of your people, of your society, but, look at all the news, it’s already too late. We’ve failed. While watching the news, maybe you feel a bit hungry and think you could start eating healthy, but man, it’s such a hassle to have to plan and cook, plus if you get delivery you don’t have to put down the bottle or the pipe and sober up to go get something.

I mean.. They’ve already won spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and you’ve got all your favorite shows to watch and games to play, you might as well just give up.. right?

Wrong. This is all escapist defeatist bullshit. This is what they’ve done to us and this is exactly how they are winning. But we know something they don’t want us to; we know it’s not too late. If you’re reading this article at all, you want things to change for the better. And this is how. First, for your self interest. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. I’ve got other articles about that, but for now, just research and eat what you need to survive. Cut out all of the things you’ve been programmed to desire and focus on necessity. Eat what you have to, not what you want to. Don’t ingest poison just because it’s easy and everyone else is doing it. You need to be your self.
Speaking of self, Individualism is one of their best weapons, convincing everyone of us that we should be as happy as the people we see on our screens. That everybody else is doing great, if you’re not as happy & successful, just accept your failure and be a neet, because why not?
Because fuck individualism. Fuck their unique and special snowflake propaganda. Fuck their isolationism and atomization. We’re the global minority being portrayed to everyone as the oppressive majority. But if we look at every other group, every other tribe, we can see the real difference. They still care more about their family, their peers, even their country, than they do about being an individual. We can do the same. We used to do the same, and when we did, we conquered the entire planet. So no matter what country you’re in, no matter what you do and no matter who you are, know that we are family.

When you think about “what you want to do” you don’t even realize that the things that you think you want have already been pressed into your brain. Realize that inherently, what you want to do, is to live a life and work a job that benefits your peers while also providing for your family.

There is no greater accomplishment than raising children in safety.
Continue the family that your ancestors created.
Sacrifice personal pleasure for a better world.
Don’t escape reality, embrace reality.
Make friends with those that share your goals.

This article focused on the problems we all face, the next article will focus on the paths to our success.

2 thoughts on “Failings Of Modernity

  • November 18, 2019 at 4:35 PM

    A simple comment won’t express how concise and valuable this is. Suffice to say, it is well met, I’m sure.

    The immediacy of Will to Power is something you stressed that I appreciate.

    It reminds me of a Catholic memory we both share: Eternity begins now. What you do in this very instance echoes forever more. Be that echo a triumph or failure.

    That realisation more than most propelled me toward self betterment.

    You do it long enough, it becomes a discipline, then a practise, eventually a pleasure.

  • December 9, 2019 at 12:34 PM


    I realized this in my early twenties. At that time, I called “them” “marketers.” Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the need to be one with God. I thought I could simply be a better individual. To rise above the Marketers’ spoon-fed consumerasim and voyeurism, so to speak. My understanding of the situation was correct, but without Godly direction it was impossible to stay the course.

    I believe we, the new fathers, will set the ship to course. Our descendants will sing songs about us for centuries. Hail your work, Hail our glorious overcoming the Synagogue of Satan.

    Thank you for your work.



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