Why Männerbund

We’ve talked about what the Männerbund can do for you. That’s never enough. We shall now discuss why you ought to bite the bullet and find the Männerbund. You should do this because it is the one thing society is not gearing you to do. It’s the last thing we haven’t tried, yet. (That is a patent pending lie.)

See now, the modern world is conditioned to judge the potentiality of success for a thing based entirely upon the merit of its novelty. Is it new? Exciting? Shiny? The idea is that newness must lead to success. The idea is that the old ways are outmoded. Are they? Are they really? We live in a modern era where rebooting the same damned movie five times in a row and claiming it is original, somehow makes sense.

And I know that you know that this is wrong.

There is no sense in hiding it. There is no shame in admitting it. We live in clown world. It might as well be a badly written comic book from the seventies. A Jewish press, thinking itself oh-so-clever, could call it Bizarro World, where up is down, and right is wrong, and Superman is retarded. Oh, now wouldn’t that be funny?

No. It isn’t funny anymore. And you know that, too.

Old traditions, contrary to fleeing modern wisdom, broadly worked. The Männerbund is arguably the oldest tradition of them all. Any infrastructure worth noting, then as now, begins with a Männerbund. This is, quite frankly, one of the great missing links of any political movement today. With politicking first and foremost being perhaps their original sin. In the old days, politics began with the Männerbund. If politicians are lucky today, they can create a Männerbund after the insufferable culling of the herds.

What is a Männerbund? A group of men with a shared purpose. This distinguishes them from a gaggle of guys hanging out. A group of men with a shared vision. This distinguished them… from many men. A group of men with a shared ambition… this distinguished them… from most men. A Männerbund defers from a blunt political movement for several key reasons. First, the Männerbund is apolitical by nature. Secondly, the Männerbund has much broader social implications than has a political party.

I sense concerns on the wind. How is the Männerbund apolitical? Let us assume our Männerbund is intrinsically pro-White. That is not a true political statement. Being White and enjoying this status does not automatically equip you with a party line and a soapbox to stand on. Pro –White is a cultural statement. White is a culture, not a legal contract. How does it have broader implications? For the very simple reason that an implication and a ramification are radically divergent trends. A political party has obviously higher ramifications, and social penalties involved. But a Männerbund has more implications because it is more versatile. There are, as mentioned, no party lines to tow. We are not MGTOW, we are not NatSoc, we are not Social Democrats, or this, or that or the other thing. The lack of this baggage makes for greater momentum.

We watch with bated breath as the rapidity with which the modern world ameliorates and succumbs to entropy is exponentially increasing. The long march to destruction that began with the Industrial Revolution turned into a jog with the Sexual Revolution, and it seems as if that post 9/11 it has become a bit of a mad dash. The individual has been reduced to a gibbering, quivering mass of memes, a cartoonish caricature that deserves in every respect to be called an NPC. The individual ambitions of Normies you meet are as pathetic as they are. The depth of a man’s intellect is as deep as a muddy puddle – it might sink aways, but until you plunge a fist into it, how could you know? People have been made sheepish, noncommittal and afraid. Political parties are as schizophrenic as the Twitter Posts they make, and the social media is a pack of drooling retards on parade. You think you can lose yourself in your work, but if you commute during peak hours than everyone on the road hates their life so much that it is routine someone tries to kill you with their loopy driving. Murder increases, theft skyrockets, if you haven’t been robbed by a hoodlum than you are still going to pay your taxes and pay for that hoodlum’s dentures later. If you’re lucky, you can afford to pay food, rent, and still have enough left for heat. You know why you’re strapped, but you can’t talk about it. Not with your peers, maybe not even with your friends. My friend, it’s easy to feel alone in a crowd because the people you meet don’t always feel like people.

You ask me, how does a Männerbund fix all this? Given time, the answer is simple. This has happened for a very simple, old and easy answer. The kind of answer the modern ‘intellectual’ eschews because it is precisely so simple. Our social fabric is torn. We have no culture. We are displaced in our own society, and society has gotten away from us. Us, White Men of good character, White Women with virtue.

The fact that we have no cultural context which is solid and predictable, read reliable, has resulted in a great question mark being cast above the heads of all that dwell in a society. When everything is negotiable, how can it make sense? All this freedom hasn’t made us free, it has made us slaves. Literally. The dynamics of this assertion shall not be discussed, you either know that it is true, or have convinced yourself that it is.

A Männerbund has power because the men in it have real, and binding social connections. A political party by nature, does not require this. A Männerbund entails a level of trust that a party betrays. Political parties have never built houses, but a Männerbund has. In the early days of human evolution, you had one man, he shared his resources with another man. They eventually built houses near each-other, more houses arrived, a village, a town, a city, state, nation, a world. At the core, is the Männerbund. Without it, where would we be? A place worse than we are, unimaginably worse. And it is a place we are headed to, as social cohesion is eroded, as trust is destroyed, as integrity is defiled, as honour is made a joke. And here we are again, on that precipice of decay.

We have to reset our progress, to a degree, to hope to move forward. White Nationalism has failed because it has neglected to attempt to answer the question of being White, it failed to address the fact that this is not enough to bind us. Clearly, when every great Nationalist endeavour has failed. Trust is not earned through political affiliation. Trust is earned relationally. The Männerbund can offer you that, a party cannot. It can offer you a culture of your own, a surrogate for the society that was stolen from you.

Then, if you should choose to span the confines of the Männerbund and broaden it to the allegiance of a party, you bring with you those characteristics forged in the Männerbund. You might well reinvigorate whatever party it is you join. But it remains that Men of the Western World, Whites, we have lost our high trust society. In order to restore trust, we have to simulate a beginning, we have to recreate our own culture. The Männerbund allows you to start from scratch. It allows you the *Will to Power* necessary to develop culture. We dislike the accusation, but culture has been lost. Were it still omnipresent, than our movements would not fall apart like overcooked baked goods.

I’ve asked you before, what you have to lose. You are now better equipped to answer. If you were to ask, ‘what can I do,’ than my answer would be to look around. There are breadcrumbs for you to find.


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9 thoughts on “Why Männerbund

  • February 18, 2020 at 9:54 PM

    Very interesting article. It reminds me that every other group has some kind of community program. Really makes you think.

    • March 15, 2020 at 8:33 PM

      I’m glad it’s made you think. Hopefully we’ll hear more from you in the future.

  • March 4, 2020 at 6:08 PM

    I’ve listened to the show for a while now and loved the father aspect for woke men. I’m a father of 2 daughters and it can be a bit scary in this world. I have trouble finding like minded men in my area though. Any advice?

    • March 15, 2020 at 8:39 PM

      I apologise for accidentally ghosting you. Articles don’t normally get much attention after being published.

      As to advice, listen to the Full Haus podcast reblogged here. Follow the instructions there.

      Honestly though, a thought worth considering is that forming Männerbunde might mean slowly working with people from where they are. Say you have friends, not really red pilled, but sympathetic. Their sympathy is antithetical from what ZOG wants. If you can be a good, high caliber man without endangering yourself with unpractised speech, you still make positive effects.

      You can also say a lot to people without triggering their programming if you speak subtly.

      But I know you want real fellowship. We all do. Check the podcast, and they’ll give you very sizeable breadcrumbs to follow.

  • March 25, 2020 at 3:27 AM

    I enjoyed reading your article and the approach being taken. Having tried different approaches to get like-minded people together to varying degrees of success, I find your reasoning intriguing. I want to ask: within your Mannerbund, what sort of standards have you established? Another question, how do you measure the success of your brotherhood?

    • April 1, 2020 at 2:33 PM

      An excellent question, and another. Standards evolve as time gets away from us, as it were. We attempt to look toward history for examples of honour and chivalry. The development is organic, a code has been developed but not yet finalized or implemented.

      Your second question is all the more intriguing. We have no official answer, and I do hope my Brothers chime in. Opinions vary. I, Seax, define success as our measure of capacity to induct men from normative culture and give them a social atmosphere that supports their intellectual and spiritual growth. This environment also encourages their physical development. I have had a friend and Brother argue that we are not a ‘rehabilitation’ network. But in the metapolitical scheme of things, that is how I see us.

      Our success is the ability to foster a unique subculture with obvious and intentional connections with our shared history as dissidents of European extraction.

      This was an esoteric answer, as, in our Bund I am known as an esoteric thinker. As I said, it’s my hope that other Brothers chime in. We shall see.

      Thank you, Philippe, for reading. For what it is worth, I am glad we were able to give you food for thought. I hope to see you kicking up comments around town on our other articles!

      My name signing this response contains a link to my personal blog. I deal a lot with morals and chivalry there. It’s the Sperg Box. A few articles are Knight in Tarnished Armour, Centre Field and the link I mentioned. Some of those move up into leadership, and trickle back downward again in sublimated conversations started by others.

      Good luck and Godspeed!

    • April 1, 2020 at 4:28 PM

      Great questions here, Phillipe.

      I would, without a doubt say that it’s not only the job of leadership, but the job of every bundsman in general to hold his brothers in high standard and regard. Whether it be improving physical fitness, expanding intellectual capabilities, eliminating vices and harmful addictions, or learning new skills. Each man in this organization is pushed day in and day out to be the best he can be. And when we trip or fall, we always pick one another back up. Younger guys like myself have set mentors that aid us in becoming the men we are born to be. This is something you simply do not get with non-hierarchical, more informal groups. To be in a Mannerbund is to be committed to building yourself up. To simply be willing to is not a suggestion, it is a requirement. It’s high time that this movement had men of pure character that are not only physically healthy, but mentally healthy leading the glorious charge to victory. To live free is to live morally. To live free is to eliminate what makes you weak and less of a man. To live free is to take oneself seriously, something many men in this line of thinking unfortunately are not familiar with doing.

      As for your second question, I have to agree with Seax in that it’s all about how you define success. When I was introduced to this line of thought, I was desperate for belonging. I was starved for brotherhood, and more importantly for family. I think that the measure of an individual can be fairly accurately deduced by what they want out of life. Is political and societal victory important? Indeed it is. Do I want people of our ilk to be in charge and run modernity? Of course! But brotherhood is forever. It’s like our leader says, you must start slow and build these things brick by brick. Thinking big requires starting small. Find the men that hold morals and bonds of brotherhood above all other things, inspire them and give them a place to belong and flourish, and in my opinion, you’ve succeeded.


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