Bundeskultur. There. I said it. I’ve received questions about our lofty cultural aspirations. Reasonably so. Here is an article with some thoughts on that. Recently, I was told that a Männerbund was being formed in England. Of course, Anglo-Saxon sensibilities prevent the use of such Teutonic language as ours (I’m an Anglo, and I endorse their sentiment, because I groaned when I first saw the word Männerbund, passed my way by a good friend and leading Brother.) Still. Off they go, to fill in some blanks. Why, you ask, would people from an island from across the world follow the example of some Yankees? A good question. Since it’s unlikely Varg is going to leave his hidey hole in France to sue me, “let’s find out!”

Here you are, browsing our website. Maybe you’re a Brother already. Maybe you’re not. Either way, I have something to say to you. I received an interesting question on one of our other articles. How do you measure success? What kind of standards do you have – what are you doing to see to them? This got me to thinking. Everyone has concerns. It is wise to ask about standards. “The Movement,” if you believe that is going anywhere, has poor standards. Most organisations end up becoming dilapidated jokes, and leaders often become memes or disappointing cult icons. One of our founding Brothers went on a podcast called Full Haus the other day. It was a fine interview, and there’s a link to it in this website’s archives. At any rate, a mention was made that his Männerbund was founded and is comprised largely by and of fathers, husbands.

Why does this matter? We live in a short-sighted world, dominated by lesser men who think according to values imposed upon them by culture. To be a husband, or at least a good one, necessitates that you can shelf your own wants and needs to satisfy your woman. Unless you’re MGTOW, in which case, I don’t know what to tell you, really. A husband anticipates his wife’s emotional and spiritual needs, he understands esoteric values of sacrifice, compromise and negotiation. The longer he has successfully navigated those waters, the better his negotiating skills become. The logical end of husbandry is fatherhood. Becoming a Husband teaches you to think years ahead, but becoming a Father compels you to look at things generationally. You assess the world in a new light. You receive information and stimulus environmentally, and take stock of causalities in a way you never did before. You look at the world and base your values on what that means for your children.

Ah, yes, but *why* does THAT matter? Well, if you are a Dissident looking for your, forgive me, ‘Forever Home’ (ideologically speaking) then you must understand how scope and connectivity matter. Point in case, look at the history of White Nationalism. I don’t speak on this topic often because for while I am indeed a WN, our movement is unimpressive, and I often have little good to say. Look at our leaders. Most were not good husbands or good fathers. Many were and continue to be young, single, virile men. Strapping young bucks, alpha dawgz, Chads that smash Virgins. In a word, witless. Short-sighted.

What separates a Bundsman from a Nationalist? What is it that makes him a breed apart from internet anons, or the disappointingly toothless meth-heads with racist tattoos you find at gas stations during odd hours? His reasoning, his scope. That makes him different. That makes us different. It makes us worthy of consideration. You ask most Nationalists their reasoning, it becomes woefully evident that their reasoning is two dimensional and flat. Build a wall! Ban the Jews! Eff the Police! It’s all so very tedious. Why? Because these are topical solutions, and not relational. These are the post hoc addendums of someone who has not really analysed the problem.

You cannot begin to deal with immigration, media control, state manipulation of justice, or anything else without understanding the environment which allows for the phenomenon. Because the founding stock of our particular Männerbund is comprised of good husbands and fathers, our scope is automatically wider than normal. We are a positive and not a negative climate. How now? We understand that in order to affect any real change, we must begin to change the environment that fosters culture. By slowly changing the culture, by default, we begin to create an environment which precipitates and anticipates separate outcomes than what is presently expected. That is why we are primarily a lifestyle, and not a party. We are beyond the scope of mere politics, or of religion, or of economics, but we entertain thoughts from all these sectors and many more. You have to take into account all your variables when moving forward. So often, movements fail to do this, and they become lopsided, top-heavy, and hobbled by their own imbalanced attitudes.

The focus of the Männerbund is upon esoteric values; developing codes of ethics, embracing familial values. Because most of us are family men, we seek for values we can involve our wives with. I have seen groupings I couldn’t bring home to my family. They wax repulsive. Yet, the Brothers of the Bund have met my wife, seen my house. Someday, and that day is coming soon, my son will befriend and occasionally play with a Brother’s son or daughter. In the future, our children may end up marrying each-other and build a Neo-Futurist Feudal Kingdom. Who knows? I don’t. But what I do know, is that we will have prepared them with values and identity… and best of all: self respect. Something public schooling and social justice will never do.

The internal mechanisms of the Bund reflect this core population. We advocate withdrawal from substance abuse culture. Weed, any hard drug and even alcohol abuse are widely discouraged. One of the first tasks we devoted ourselves to was setting aside a platform for people with issues to deal with them gracefully and acceptable. We call that Will to Power in honour of Nietzsche. Because we are husbands and fathers, we also tend to make (if I may be so bold) excellent role models for younger and less experienced men looking for belonging.

Experience shows that men in Dissident circles who break the fourth wall and seek out company are often desperate. Being a Dissident Right Winger is lonely business, it leads to desperation. There are no shortage of predatory parties and cults that prey on young and impressionable Right Wing youth. These groups adopt and abuse them ideologically, present them with warped and stunted pictures of the world. When these young men exhaust their usefulness, they are allowed to drink or smoke themselves to death… or worse, if the pressure gets to them and they do something questionable, their “friends” are nowhere to be seen when these unjustly treated youths face justice for their crimes or mistakes.

It’s a sin.

We are different. I have under my purview a number of ‘protégés.’ Not only do I consider them friends, but I view them as I imagine I would younger blood brothers. I attempt to provide them with moral composition and spiritual guidance if I can. I offer them reassurance when needed, and attempt to help them find their way. Mentoring the younger Brothers is part of our operating principle, but it is also a privilege. It is not taken lightly. After all, with luck, these young Brothers, the 20 somethings, will marry and have children. As mentioned before, we intend for this ship to be a generational one. We therefore understand it is in our best interest to be good role models, because children presumably carry our future cultural torch.

Culture. We have our own culture. That would be the environment I was hinting at. We have a focus on reintroducing ancient and contemporary strains of European identity into our ranks. There is something there for everyone. Religious? We can accommodate. Philosophical? Who isn’t, really. It’s all esoteric, but as time goes on, things will begin to shape exoterically. We have men of various skilled backgrounds. It is only a matter of time before they begin to develop material culture that sets us apart.

At point, being a Männerbund is not so much a membership club. It is a way of life. That way of life is an open concept, but in time will develop into whatever our future holds. What is certain is that our future will continue to be grassroots. We are community based, a group of men attempting to fill in the gaps that society has left. It is easy to go through life never knowing the feeling of belonging, or fraternity. Our goal is to offer that. That is what victory looks like, a healthy society with principles they agree on. It is a society that allows the family to succeed, in which the broader world feels like extended family.

Who knows? You might be the one to help us reach that goal. Community, family and Nation. I’ve asked often, and I shall ask again: what have you got to lose by looking for us?


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9 thoughts on “Bundeskultur

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  • April 5, 2020 at 10:25 PM

    A folk who are rootless without kin to appreciate an elders wisdom/deeds are exploited, rotten, and materialistic. Many young folks are prey to the lure of entertainment, the glamour of some Hoaryweird pop song, video games, or lack an identity. Trust and honor to kith and kin are meager in the modern world as folks are disconnected from eachother, glued to their escapism of choice. MGTOW and third wave feminism are both misdirections away from the genuine masculine and feminine. Every person has a role to play in the tribe. Having good role models to help younger folks develope/improve upon their inherent abilities sounds great though it is a rarity nowadays in the modern culture.

    • April 6, 2020 at 9:15 AM

      It is a rarity, and you’ve hit the nail on the head. Absolutely.

      A successful society requires unification through stratification: all classes, all ages, all trades are vital components. Any erstwhile regime knew this.

      It was not long ago that American homes were multigenerational. No generation was allowed to exist in isolation. But now we allow old folks to go off and ‘kids these days’ us, and who would the young blame if the Boomers really did go where old folks go after Florida?

      Yet it remains the old need the young to understand how the world changes, and the young need the old to teach them skills and temperance. So it goes.

  • April 6, 2020 at 11:12 AM

    I was caught in vacuousness in my late teens and early twenties… so much time wasted! Came out the other side and am looking for something more. Gotta master ourselves before we master much else, I think. It’s more attainable when guys hold you accountable.

    • April 7, 2020 at 1:35 PM

      This is a good point. There is, as there should be, pressure to perform in a Männerbund.

      The marked difference is that in a Männerbund your performance is hinged on supporting a higher cause. Whereas in mainstream society you are a marionette dancing for chump change. You dance the dance, but the world keeps moving the goal post and your list of lines to memorize to keep from being demonetised grows exponentially larger.

      In a Männerbund, you don’t perform because you’re on a string. You don’t perform.

      Your actions can reflect your beliefs. Sadly, realising this takes time and, as a friend of mine says, audacity. The audacity to take yourself seriously.

      Right action flows from this font.

  • May 22, 2020 at 9:37 AM

    This is so powerful and I have so much to ponder.

    • May 22, 2020 at 5:06 PM

      You’re in good hands, then.

      We do have a pondering division, after all.


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