Flu Tang Blues

Word on the wind is there’s a bug going around. You would be forgiven for thinking the world is ending. (It isn’t anymore than it is any other day.) It bothers some folks that I am carrying on as though business were usual. (Because it is, quite usual.) I have been told comparing Corona Chan to H1N1 is fallacious because reasons. Maybe I should be afraid. (I shouldn’t be.) Over the course of the next indeterminate number of paragraphs I will outline several points I should like for you to remember. As a caveat and an emptor I would like to assert that this article assumes you, the reader, are a Nationalist – though if you are not, you might yet benefit from something here.

First of all. A Nationalist should know this. Never trust the News Cycle. Don’t put stock in it. There is a psychological tendency rooted in our collective psyches as a product of damaged ego to place top-heavy emphasis on the current happening and forget context entirely. This is especially true in Nationalism, where such monumental energy is invested in the Eternal Happening that every single Current Happening disrupts the progress of the movement, and casts individual members into further isolation and despair.

This is not an accident.

The News Cycle is well aware of this psychological instability. It preys on the emotional weakness and spiritual depravity of a people which has been demoralised. How do I know this? News is Media. Media is predicated on ratings. It has been common and acceptable practise to sensationalise Media to garner ratings to propagate Media. They used to do studies on idiot Americans from at least the 60s and up with something called the Nielson Rating. I recall having a Nielson monitor in my folks’ basement as a kid, tracking my father’s television habits.

Funny thing. People are attracted to what I’ve heard called Disaster Porn. You might know someone in your family. They’re probably a little older and more than a little jaded. They liked to watch Jerry Springer. Or Maury Povitch. Or… that melon headed Polack who’s always screaming at slovenly inbred hillbillies to get off his stage. ‘What has this to do with News Seax?’ you ask. Simple. Watch the News. Carefully observe the choice of stories reported on. What are they? Overwhelmingly negative. I shall list a source link pending this article to another of my pieces deconstructing an average episode of a daily Maine News broadcast I oversaw whilst on visit with my parents.

Do you think, really, that nothing good ever happens that could be reported? Do you think it is an accident that the News reports grim and foreboding things? Nothing in this world is an accident, nor is it random, nor is it innocent where the Media is concerned. The News reports on grimmery because it sells higher than sex. Unless that sex is rape, and then it is worth even more. People are gravitated toward darkness, now. We have been conditioned to be. People can watch the News and observe the murders and rapes, and much like Grandpa Meddybemps and his programmes; pat themselves on the back and virtue signal. “What is the world coming to?” “Oh. My. Goodness. Can you believe the nerve of so and so?” “Kids these days.” And so forth. It gives people a delusion of self-grandeur to think they are somehow above the muck and filth.

By now I am sure, you might ask, if you have not connected my dots. ‘What has this got to do with the flu, Seax?’ Well, it’s now part of the News Cycle. The next H1N1. Yes. The Ping Pong Flu is worse, inasmuch as death toll is concerned, than H1N1. But has the context changed? No. The Kung Flu is a virus, and so was H1N1. The effect of the virus was the same. News cried, people died. Very tragic. Yes, tragic, as all tragedy is. However, what remains the same is this; when H1N1 happened, it was a panic. Now, however many years later, people can barely be bothered to remember it unless they are making or breaking comparisons. People THINK the Wang Lung is different because it is new. It isn’t even new. Viruses are probably as old as dirt.

In ten years the only people who will remember the Flu Tang Clan will be the poor bastards who lost someone. Everyone else will be just as excited to continue consuming product, as those who didn’t lose anyone to H1N1. Life will return to normal and go on as scheduled by the Electric Jew in the Living Room. That is not an accident, either.

Consider reader, be you friend or foe, the chain of events. Start where you wish, the destination is the same. For my purposes let us begin with 9/11. That was the last event in my life I remember that unified people to any lasting degree. After that, the influx of Current Happenings increased. People eventually gave up trying to keep up with the News, and now choose to fixate on the Eternal Current Happening. Every onslaught of News has a very pointed and predictable effect. It divides and then subdivides an already shattered public. Every News Happening pushes people further apart. It drives them into the artificial womb of materialistic (false) security. It is no secret that the United States of America is united in one thing, and one thing only: partisan bickering and that idiot delusion of rugged individualism. There is no longer any meaning in creed or colour, and someone along the way decided that sexual preference and the six hundred and sixty-six different genders you could assign yourself actually mean something. Until they aren’t needed to badger a pathetic and abused public any further. Corona Chan is no different than a tranny parade, in that regard. For propaganda purposes, it serves as a divisive anti-social element.

Every macro event, ‘The Eternal Current Happening’, serves a common purpose. It increases atomisation and atavisation. What do I mean by this? Well, global scares often cause people to show their stripes. Like in my article on Road Rules, it shows the utter decay in Civic Morality. People who tout ‘Civilization this‘, or ‘America that’, are the first to cut in line to hoard effing toilet paper. Toilet paper! What’s more, people will fight over toilet paper. Like animals. Not members of a civilized race. Not like anything even resembling Homo Sapiens, or even just Homo Erectus. Society has been reduced to a collective of individualists barely capable of organisation. Corona Chan, as mentioned, has just made the unthinking masses into a gaggle of Toilet Paper Whores as a flex to assert dominance. People are profiting from this, make no mistake. And the people? The people are indebted to Globalism now more than ever as they are imposed upon with quarantines. How? They shall consume more product from the discomfort of their own homes. As to atavisation… Atavism refers to decomplication. It’s no secret that society is devolving, and this virus shows how little people think beyond their own needs.

When I was a very young boy, my hometown was a home and a town. People knew each-other. Now when you go to the grocery store, people shop in silence with their Dr. Dre Beats on their head pumping out something embarrassing and awful. “Wait? We’re talking about grocery stores now, Seax?” you say? Yes. Because this most pathetic of failed apocalypses has turned everyone into sniveling toilet paper whores who will die surrounded by asswipes and uncooked lentils when the real apocalypse happens. (It won’t.)

I’m not a Doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. (I’m not nearly handsome enough to compete with Patrick Dempsey, and I don’t speak enough Somali to work with the auxiliary staff of Doxworth Community Medical.) However, I pay close attention to unfolding patterns. I am also keenly aware of certain sociological patterns. Let’s deliver a roundhouse kick that brings us back to focus.

Most Nationalists believe that Globalism is the cause of the rot we are experiencing. Levels of sophistication in argument vary. The Wu Flu poses a very real threat to the sanctimony of the Global Economy. Why? Because the Flu was made in China along with every other export Americans gobble up like turkeys in a rainstorm. AH!! You did a racism! No. I did not. I am stating an empirical fact. The virus has an epicenter in Wuhan Province. It could have been anywhere. Africa, Tibet, What’s Left of Sweden, Detroit. But it wasn’t. It came from China. And now it is in Africa, and Tibet, and What’s Left of Sweden, and Detroit. It is globalism.

If people are left to their own devices then something very natural will occur: xenophobia – if the virus is Chinese, remove Chinese. The same thing happened after 9/11. The terrorist attack was Islamic, remove Islam. Except it wasn’t that simple then and it is not that simple now. Getting butthurt about the pitiful way the Chinese export economy of cheap shit and deadly viruses has been exploited by the American system to the absolute detriment of her people, will solve nothing. All that is, is a Band-Aid for a very spoilt kid’s owie.

The Corona Virus is a symbol of a much deadlier social disease. We have become a moribund society. America, among others, is a dying empire. There is blood in the water. The koi are panicking because at some point the piranha will come. Not this time, but some time. Except… there are no piranha. We are our own predator. This panic is the death throe. The Empire? There will be no glorious death. There will be a straw death. Much more like watching a young man die from alcohol induced Alzheimer’s (one of the least favorite death-styles I have observed) than reading about Rome which at least history can afford some dignity.

Maybe this Article hasn’t made much sense to you. Maybe you do not, in good millennial fashion, “understand” why all this is related. You came here to read about a flu, and you’re being hammered with something suspiciously resembling philosophy. That’s fine. I love you anyway. It’s why we’re here. The virus is so scary and so bad this time because things are falling apart. Individual lives have no meaning, anymore. Because people invest so much energy in hype, things quickly blow out of proportion. Despite the fact that this virus affects primarily elderly, I see young and middle aged men hoarding toilet paper like morons. People wearing paper masks that can’t save you from sawdust, let alone toxic snot. None of them have ever looked more alone.

The Virus is Globalism because it illustrates perfectly what has happened. We have been stripped of human dignity. Remember, humanity is a collective term, there is no humanity as a singular entity. An individual human without a collective to be defined against is nothing more than an anomaly. The very point of Humanity, whether you believe she is the collective emergence of Evolution or the Divine Providence of the Hand of a God does not matter, the point is culture. All of history turns on the axis of civilizations rising, falling and breathing again from old ashes.

Now, in a way, we have reached an end of history. The demented illusion of Democracy has enabled people to live an egregious lie: that they are somehow distinct from their communities. If you believe Globalism is an enemy, that there is some kind of conspiracy to demoralize and control people, or to ensure people never rise up to resist their own destruction, how might you do it? Disassociate them. Get them hooked on product, dope them up on creature comforts and then bombard them with fear. Threaten their assets continuously. They will focus on their material gains and ignore your broader actions. You will be free to abuse the people with almost unlimited indemnity because they want what you can give them. That was one of the major complaints Communism had of Capitalism, and why their revolutions “succeeded.” The criticism wasn’t wrong. It’s a historical tragedy that people cling with absolute desperation to illusions of security and comfort, and will endure unspeakable indignities to continue believing they are somehow better off.

The Kung Flu kick to society’s very sore testicles should illustrate this fact: Corona Chan is the retribution of Globalism against the Global Economy. It was inevitable. But people enjoy their lifestyles so much that they will lie and say open borders and international hygiene has nothing to do with anything, so long as China gives me product, cheap. In a sense, we asked for this, and here we have it. I find it ironic that nobody during these times remembers Injun Blankets. But there you go.

If you have made it this far, then perhaps you have a litany of rebuttals or complaints. That’s fine. You are probably asking what the point of all this has been. That’s okay too. I’ll get there soon.

Let us switch the stage again. I belong to a Männerbund. Rightfully so. I belong to an organisation which prides itself on matters of honor and principle. It encourages members to elevate themselves above and beyond the very low bar set by society. If I were to ask the members of my Männerbund, since the advent of Corona Rex, what is going on globally… the answer would probably be “Corona Chan.” If I ask Normies what’s going on, they’ll probably give me a variant of “there are two things you don’t discuss in polite company: religion and politics.” At the beginning of this sad and stupid affair I made the argument, and I pressed my point aggressively, that beyond a certain point, excess speculation becomes moot. There are things that are proven killers. Half the men in my Männerbund have vices that have killed many more White men than Corona Rex is ever going to. Deal with those, to make a special case of this flu is hypocritical and unnecessary. I was told I think like a Liberal, reacting to a terrorist attack by saying we should all remain calm and carry on.

What is wrong with remaining calm? We have choices. Panic is what ZOG wants. Because what happened? Immediately all conversations about our purpose and pride were replaced with speculations about the future that cannot be substantiated, statistics which cannot be verified by anyone without a high degree of trust in a system which just yesterday, anyone else would have cited as being full of lies and propaganda. Why focus on avoiding a cancer I might get in twenty years when this emergency is happening now? This is not fear-porn, I was told. What is it, then? What good does a grim statistic do for my immune-compromised wife or preemie son? How does that help them prepare? It… doesn’t… Discussion of food preparation and preservation does. Discussion of precautionary hygiene does. And, as I have said before, this damned flu has neither begun nor will it end. We should as a rule prepare for a day of diminished return from the society in which we live. There shall be no sudden, sexy, Hollywood apocalypse. There will be the slow march to obscurity.

I could go on, but the psychological reaction of many men has been that of scared children trying to rationalise their fears. Not unlike a child caught yelping in a thunderstorm who wants to save face by lieing clumsily. I understand. For many of our men this was the first real indication of what we know is the final result of the failed experiment of Globalism. It is also a cope. A claim to legitimacy. But it really isn’t any of those things. It’s a flu. But the end, as has been said endlessly before, will come with a whimper and not a bang, and then we will learn, that in all reality, we, a group of healthy young men, have virtually nothing to actually fear. And this from someone who actually IS a doctor: ‘Hypothetically. In Minecraft, et cetera et cetera.’ Yet what? The conversation barrelled endlessly on. Forever. Ad Nauseum in Secula Seculorum in Ewigkeit Forever and Ever AMEN.

Take rational precautions, then live your life. Protect your family, and carry on. Yes, calmly. Why should we go the way of the skittish Normie lemming when it is not necessary? Now is the time to bind together. If you read this, and you belong to a Männerbund, and honestly more importantly to this author, if you belong to OUR Männerbund… Remember why you are here. The Flu Tang Clan is not the final answer. It isn’t even really that much of a calamity. It is bad, but so has been every other bad thing that’s ever happened. Remember the tension, discomfort and doom posting. The last thing ZOG expects is for us to stand up as brothers, look the machinery in the eye and say Non Serviam to the wizard behind the curtain. ZOG is very comfortable with people meme-ing behind their keyboards, not so comfortable with the prospect of their taking their talking points to the market. So what do we have? Mandated paranoia, the state apparatus pushes for self isolation.

They know the end result is disjointed disinformation. From that comes fever and emotional disturbance, and eventual distrust and further community breakdown. That can be the only conclusion to trapping men, women and children in their homes and leaving them with the nigh infinite world of Internet data at their fingertips.

We have been sickened and degraded as a society. But the work that needs to be done does not stop. Focus on what you can control: that’s yourself and your house, in case you were wondering. If you belong to a Männerbund, engage them; continue to make self-improvements. You should then funnel your personal enterprise into your chosen clique. How can your triumph become your brother’s triumph? Every day you should seize a victory. Rather than get sucked up into the Eternal Current Happening, make your preparations and go above and beyond. It started out with fellow Nationalists noting that ZOG has successfully made White men afraid to go meet at bars as open Identitarians, but now it has made them afraid to go outside and buy… toilet paper. It’s pathetic.

On the other side of the fog and distraction this flu has successfully caused us to remember the culture we are trying to create. We are building a current which will gain momentum. But it will garner bad current if the tide is governed by fear. What is required is stalwart men, like the Nordic Gods at Ragnarok; we should be facing the Continuing Education Series on Clown World with dignity and composure. People will see men cut apart from the cloth, operating as though the rest of the world were not a mentally unstable mess, and they will wonder why. When you have pride on your face and honour on your shoulders, it shows. It straightens your back and quickens your gait. Alternatively, if we allow ourselves to be cowed then people will clearly understand we are no better than Average Joe Murica and the Clown Car Brigade at Normie Town. We are creating a culture that will someday have her own myths, legends, history, heroes, tall tales and inside jokes. Our culture will have notable characters, songs and dances. Our culture will not be one of fear.

The growth potential for our movement is vast. We understand that Blood and Soil have meaning, but also Community and Honour. Our ideals need to guide us in these times. This means trust in your brothers, trust in the mission and trust in the way forward. Our slogan is Strength and Honour. That’s not for nothing. Corona Chan will become a memory, but every brother in this Männerbund and every other will remember how each individual faced the storms. This is an opportunity to overcome. Do not be cowed by the odds.

People tend to backslide in times like this, throw their hands up. People who were making positive strides become despondent. People who were quitting drinking suddenly think a beer wouldn’t hurt; after all, the world is ending. (It isn’t.) That reaction is by design. I am sure there is a study that will show how during every time of stress, consumer sales increase. As every Mainer knows, liquor sales increase before a snowstorm, and general sales increase during tragedy. Focus on helping your brothers. Help them resist the vices that the constant onslaught of troubling news encourages. Strength and Honour is forged over time. In my Männerbund I have seen enormous growth of character and wisdom. Why should it end because some guy told someone else that some lady has some flu? Why should it even hiccup? Life goes on until it doesn’t.

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