Men Of Good Moral Character

What kind of men make up a good mannerbund? Why it’s in the title of this article! I could leave it at that for you, but then it could be construed. Take a look in the mirror. Are you the kind of non-serious practical joker who holds no real values, and has overdosed on black pills to the point you’ve become some sort of irony bro? Then you should probably stop reading this and continue to do what you’re good at; memes and infighting. Men with drive and passion will seek out a broader group of similar individuals. Delinquents will always associate with delinquents, men of high virtue will thus do the same and find their belonging among like-minded volk. These men will seek to organize for selfless actions. To formulate ideas for paving the road to victory, and a better quality of living. We all know ideas are the foundation, but what is the cement? Morals- You might say “Yes, I am a good person.” Well so do a lot of bad people. Ask yourself if you hold these virtues: Integrity, loyalty, strength, cleanliness, honor, mercy, patience, and grit. Are you cordial? Are you just? If you can truly answer “yes” and others could confirm this, then good job you might be a candidate. However, just in case you need a better idea of these things, and how they apply to being part of a bund, they can be broken down as such:

Integrity is one of the most important virtues any human can hold. It is the basic understanding that you as a member can be trusted, whether in the presence of your brothers, or behind their backs. If you’re a man of integrity then people dont ask the question of whether or not you’re up to no good.

Loyalty may mean to you what integrity does, but it is more closely defined as your dedication and service to your group. Are you someone who is only here for a hobby? Might you drop out if things in your personal life take over, or if things get risky? A loyal man is one who sees this as his passion, as his ‘Mrs.’ A loyal man would not walk out on his marriage if things got a little shakey, or weren’t going so well. So why should you treat this any different?

Strength is a balance of both physical and mental elements. No one looks to the obese with envy or praise. Those who do are either lying or psychotic. That said, every man should appeal to the masses as a “fit” individual. It is both healthy for the body, and the mind, to be in good physical condition. Mental… Do you want a guy in your group who at any moments notice, loses his s*** over the smallest things? A guy who snaps because he can’t handle his emotions? No, probably not. It’s important as a man to have a grip on your emotional well being. We can all fall prey to a series of unfortunate circumstances. It’s how we handle it when faced with stressful situations which determines if we’re “fit for duty.” Don’t lose your head when the going gets tough.

Cleanliness is well… Jordan Peterson said it… Just make sure you clean up. Get a haircut regularly, shave that ugly facial hair, (trust me you’ll look better without it). Being OCD isn’t as bad as normies make it out to be. They compare it to being a serial killer. In all honesty just keep a clean house. Make sure things are organized, and don’t let the chores pile up. All this personal responsibility is good for your character; and your appearance combined with your good physique, will make you the envy of your peers.

Honor is your ability to recognize the importance of things, and traditions which pertain to a given situation. It is much like respect. Honor is earned by practicing these virtues, by holding to your convictions, and being worth your salts. An honorable man will respect the wishes of his constituents, and keep his promises. With honor comes value. If you are a valuable person you play an important role in your circle.

Mercy is knowing when one should let go. The better man knows when to show his enemy mercy. To put himself in check, whether that be in relation to holding a grudge, or putting forth a punishment. Do not be cruel, be just.

Patience is a virtue!” “Good things come to those who wait.” It wouldn’t be a famous saying if it wasn’t true. Often we live in such busy, fast-paced lives that we expect everything on-demand. I tell you, what we wish to accomplish will not happen tomorrow. Rome was not built in a day, nor shall be modern Rome.

Grit is the highest testament to manhood. To truly prove yourself by standing side by side with your brothers in protest, in battle, or testimony. A man with grit will have it in his eyes, and you will know this in times of desperation. The courage to lead, to follow, and prepare yourself for what awaits is necessary. No one honors a coward.

Cordial members of society are kind and inviting. They know how to be formal and well-mannered. Be polite in your speaking and stray from vulgarity (especially around women and children.)

Just means being fair. Doing the right thing. When it comes to decisions which require discretion; one must deliver a outcome he knows to be suitable and fair.

Let it be known: A man who is of good moral character should have limited vices, have no felony convictions, and have other men who can back up his claims. No one is perfect, for he would be a saint.
Whatever prior offenses you have, or sins you may carry, you must have undergone, or be willing to undergo change, and seek redemption. You must be willing to reflect deep upon your soul. It is ultimately up to your community if you are worth redeeming. You should do what you know is right, and live a righteous life. You should be a role model for other prospective members, neighbors, and fellow countrymen.

6 thoughts on “Men Of Good Moral Character

  • April 28, 2020 at 10:15 AM

    Hail, fellow traveller.

    A pleasant surprise to find this this morning between gym, and breakfast/work prep.

    Very concise, very effective, very timely.


    I’m gonna hafta memetically infight ya on the BQ, tho Bro. We still have to take back all the lost ground absconded with by hipsters and antifa. That means plaid, paisley, beards, bandanas, and coffee of all creed and colour! ;P

    (Though I say this as someone who currently shaves like a good Roman.)

    • April 28, 2020 at 12:10 PM

      Mustache Nationalism NOW!

      • April 29, 2020 at 12:08 PM

        I dunno, man. Only stalwart souls can rock a moustache.

        But every man should know the feeling of being a wildebeest. Long hair, beard.

        Cue Conan quote.

  • April 28, 2020 at 12:14 PM

    This list is comprehensive. One place where a lot of good me go wrong is they believing they can achieve these virtues by themselves. They are wrong to believe this because knowing if you are these virtues requires someone to tell you that you are these things. There’s no honor without the honor group.

  • April 29, 2020 at 11:55 AM

    You know, Achilles. Your article has served as a bit of a catalyst for me, regarding my takeaway from Nam’s “Racist Republican” discussions.

    So I’m going to spew some thoughts. They may become an article. Maybe not. Don’t know.

    Anyways. You’ve got me thinking about Clemecy. I wrote about it in brief on the Sperg Box. My name should contain a link.

    Anyway. We often lack social grace. We often represent as “hard” and unapproachable. Too serious, in short, judgy and arrogant.

    It reminds me of the first time we met and discussed lifting and body dysmorphia, and how fitness was a state of mind, and not a trophy. (Highly abridged.)

    In our Bund, there is clemency about fitness. In that we are all works of progress.

    But how does clemency become communicable? In that I certainly think this separates us from the larger “movement.” Such as it is.

    Perhaps Clemency is relative to Promethean rather than Epimethean thought. Obviously, our social network forces out and selects against mere Epimethean processes.

    Our Virtus will bridge a gap between us and the world. But how we conscientise it now affects our future abroad, and outside Bund “walls.”

    Like I said, musing for now. Hour article has definitely been food for thought.


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