Collecting The Mount

By: Barry Barnes

The path ahead is winding, hazy, and complex. Leading our folk out of this nightmare requires organization, cohesion, and intention on our part. An excellent analogy for the leader and follower relationship is the coordination between an expert rider and his horse. The horse supplies the muscle. The rider handles the direction and intention of the pair. Given that horses are powerful animals with their own minds, harnessing their energy requires some technique, nuance, and timing. A technique common across all aspects of riding that is especially relevant to the white-identity movement today is “collecting the mount.”

Collecting the mount settles the horse and prepares it for action. A rider collects his mount by sitting deep in the saddle, gently tightening the reigns, and squeezing firmly with his legs. He is not asking the horse to stop, or break canter into trot. It is about coordinating the power of the horse, and directing that power into the task. Horses can get overly excited, and when they do, their movements become erratic and chaotic, instead of coordinated and intentional. The cool-headed rider has to counteract this tendency of his mount. Horses vary, but this preparation is usually necessary in the moments before an advanced maneuver, or navigation of an obstacle. Examples of collecting the mount include: just before a polo player rises from his saddle to strike with his mallet, just before the horse-jumper urges his mount to a jump, and the entirety of a dressage routine where riders are judged for their precision and grace.

The Mannerbund is the skilled rider and the reined horse. The wider Right and White Identity milieu are like a wild mustang trapped in a ring. Galloping sporadically along the fence, bucking and snorting, darting and churning, and getting nowhere. Reacting to the latest threats with fury and outrage, but no coordination. The lack of unity and leadership saps our people of power, and dislocates actions. This predicament makes political maneuvers impossible, and thereby makes our goals unattainable. What is required is a great collection of the mount. We need to rein in our milieu. Not in a forceful or coercive way, but in a good way. We need to be friends, and then brothers. Disagreements need to be hashed out privately, not on Twitter. Once we have this structure, this brotherhood, our men, will have a banner to carry; and rally behind with pride.

Mannerbund is step one in our political solution. We use reliable vetting procedures for keeping out those who would not serve to benefit our cause. We follow strict rules pertaining to how we carry and present ourselves. We accept and adhere to a hierarchy, and diligently abide by our stations within it. We meet expectations pertaining to our physical fitness, moral responsibilities, and duty to our cause. We show up to events, and forge relationships in person. We have leaders driving us forward, and growing our organizations ranks, to make us stronger. This is not fast or easy work, but it is fundamental. We are collecting our mount, and preparing for the maneuvers ahead. It does not matter that we do not know exactly what the obstacles to come will be because whatever the future holds, it will require a collected, coordinated, and purposeful group approach.

In time, we will become a centerpoint of our communities like previous fraternal orders were. As more of our folk realize the predations of neoliberalism, Mannerbund men will be ready to welcome them to our cause with open arms. Our people will see we are a shining example, and our network can provide guidance, safety, help, and identity. This is the “preference cascade” and we dissidents need to be ready for it. We will continue to grow, unite, and coordinate our men; and we will be ready when the time comes. First we collect dissidents, next we collect our people.

One thought on “Collecting The Mount

  • July 7, 2020 at 10:01 PM

    At the very least we can begin collecting email addresses for a list serve and create daily Action Items. Every single day a new email arrives with a little mission our guys can complete either online or by phone. Simple pressure campaigns, social media strategies, and the like that are completely legal. Never solicit money. It sounds small potatoes but the Alt-Right’s appeal wasn’t the humor, as is so often touted, but the participant culture. Our guys want to be a part of something, not a spectator. These campaigns can increase in complexity when necessary, and as long as the email list cannot be replied-to-all, but can be replied to, we can farm constant ideas for more Action Items. It’s one small thing we can do that doesn’t require a ton of sacrifice or time but can prove fruitful as well as keeping in contact. My Facebook group in 2016 (deleted now of course) succeeded in pressuring a state senator to pull a bill from the floor funding a specific problematic refugee group. He saw his votes slipping away. Such an Action Item would include zip codes and info on how to make your identity as a constituent clear and your threat of withholding a vote meaningful.


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