Beauty is Today’s Revolution

One of the most destructive things in modern art and modern culture is the celebration of the ugly, especially the deliberately ugly. I really think that this is a result of something within the subconscious spirit of the Jewish patrons of the arts. I was at having a conversation with doctor Vladislav Zubok about ten years ago about how in the Soviet Union, art was in a way weaponized, but it was done in order to promote the state, and promote the ideals of the new socialist man. Whereas in the west, there is a tradition of patronage, where artists will do the work of their patrons, and right now the super-wealthy the super-elite are all alien enemies, and they revel in destruction, and they revel in the repugnance of ugliness.
Of course there’s the meme of the grug brain not appreciating art; and that’s also been weaponized. I think that the the grug brain, those of us who may have a slightly lower IQ, and less ability to understand abstractions, just know viscerally that the art they’re seeing: the modern art, the abstract art; is an attack upon them, and so that they think it’s fake and gay. Whereas they can still appreciate good statues, good sculpture, good paintings; likenesses of things which are tangible and real representations of their heritage.
Conservatives, and our alleged cultural leaders, have lead a retreat from the world of cultural art, music, and cinema; so all that ground has been ceded and the vacuum of power has been subsumed by people who don’t deserve to occupy those positions of cultural power. Now it’s come to the point where beauty is an act of revolution against the soulless repugnance that exists in the holes of art and culture, and even in academia. In public, look at how people have embraced being deliberately ugly.
So, being the best that we can be in every sense, creating something beautiful within ourselves, and capturing that for eternity truly is a revolutionary act; and it’s a non violent act. It’s an act that will inspire, it’s an act that will stand above everything else, and it will stand the test of time.

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