Freedom Through Duty

(This is a speech I drafted for leadership under the now obviously mistaken impression someone else was going to give it at a recent summit, I ended up giving a speech about the metagenics NS-Bund folksoul continuum instead.)


We hear a lot about freedom today.

There’s no such thing, not in the way we’re sold it. Extricate and eliminate the word from your vocabulary until we have provided you with the truth behind the matter.

The word freedom, being a dominion of FREE, comes from the Anglo-Saxon “freo.” (pronounced fray-oh.) This word meant ‘beloved,’ or ‘dear.’ Dear meant precious, by the way. These words were reserved for communion with folks you trusted. Love could not exist without duty. Therefore there is no freedom but through duty. Not duty in some vague sense, but duty to the tribe. Fealty is another good word.

A paltry irony that freedom today has nothing to do with trust, or duty. Nevermind fealty. Today (((((freedom))))) is a catastrophe that echoes across the planet. The infantile origins of modern freedom began with the (((French))) Revolution, which was neither French, nor a Revolution. Then and now, freedom became a question of defining quality of life through negative liberties.

Negative liberties were classically referred to as prohibitions. The Old Testament is full of them. Today you’re free from this, free from that. You’re free to be a snivelling faggot, whose idea of success is being ‘free from judgement.’ You’re free to stay home from work and be a buggered beggar. You’re free to stay home from church and be “free” from indoctrination, trading duty for a tinfoil yarmaluke that makes you look like a simpering idiot.

Good show.

We’re also free from social convention. We’re free from purpose. We’re free from etiquette. Free from concrete expectations. We’re free to be lumps of flea-bitten dogshit in the afternoon sun, awaiting the day of the mower. It’ll be an absolute shit-shoah. (pause for forced laughter.)

What is neglected to mention in the rambling expanses of freedom, is that duty, expectation, fealty and friendship give life context. Fulfilling obligations, serving a role, these things do not make you slaves as organised Jewry’s many court jesters would have you believe.

Modernist freedom is slavery to an empty promise. Pursuit of liberty has led down increasingly entrenched and claustrophobic alleyways where sin is bred like stewing bilge in the solstice sun.

It was never supposed to be like this. Some of you Brothers have been with us long enough to know all this. Some of you will learn. Brotherhood is more than a choice and a privilege, it quickly becomes a duty. You join the Männerbund, you make friends, you learn the ropes. You make yourself a role, or maybe you are given one. You have a routine. In time you gain a sense of what is expected of you.

A curious thing happens. You do not feel *burdened* by this. Far from it. You feel lighter. At ease. Perhaps your dreams are less troubled. Maybe your footsteps are lighter. Days come and go, but you suddenly have something to look forward to. Your life is more than the artificial doldrums of consumerism. Your life has purpose. Maybe you begin to suspect you have a destiny, and that if you apply yourself you can find it.

Now then brother, you have tasted freedom.

It only gets better from here.

Freedom does in fact lighten the load on your soul. With less energy spent trying to find your place, you now defend that place, and better still, improve it.

As the Männerbund is the cornerstone of a new material culture, that freedom is the pillar of a spiritual culture that can, through work and duty, blossom into a colossus that will in time crush the throat of the very real spiritual poisons we have imbibed.

Let the people say;

Strength and Honour

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