Lorecast Season 2: The Gods

For those of you who have followed my work around the Männerblog here you might know I run a side project called the Lorecast. This little ditty summarises Season 2, which at the suggestion of some of the Brothers in the Bund, follows the Gods.
It is a bit of a sidestep from season one, as this season presents a quick biographic of the Gods native to Greece and Rome, Gaul and Britain, Scandinavia and Germania. The biopics focus on the ways in which the Gods came about, their functions and forms, as well as anecdotes necessary to understanding their character. This was done in the hopes that it makes hearing and reading Native Religious tales more accessible and enjoyable, but most importantly; fulfilling. Each episode tracks a specific ethnicity. Finally, the conclusion is an episode of Lorecast Explained, in which I try to tie the various ethnic presentations of the Gods together.
There is some theology as well, and disambiguation of certain misconceptions about our Gods. The most important takeaway is to note that there is an underlying pulse which connects our tribes together, often in somewhat surprising ways. Perhaps all the more surprising, given the vast tract of (dis)information funnelled our way with explicit intent to compartmentalise and atomise the European subethnic stratae. Suggestions are given to those curious about how they might incorporate some of the Old Ways into today’s life.
The hope is that listeners will walk away from this Season of the Lorecast with a greater appreciation of the Unity that once pervaded the Folk Souls of our people.

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