New Year 2021

How sublime that it is here, in the midst of winter and uncertainty, that we may also find the greatest opportunity for rebirth.

As we greet the new year, I want to give thanks for the purpose and meaning found in this struggle of ours; and for the company of the excellent men gathered here to enjoy it with. It is so easy to become swallowed up in the despair of our present times. But for those who believe as I do, I bid you remember that such despair is not a comment on our future, but rather a moral and necessary reflection upon our own regrets. And these regrets are strong, perhaps – stronger still as we approach this deep winter of our civilization. But even so, there is much herein to be grateful for. 

I would have you recall for a moment that our folk were not made for a land of eternal summer, and neither so were our souls. There is a hunger in us – dormant till the very season of its necessity. A hunger for struggle and perturbation. We are made resilient by the grace of God; built to suffer convulsions, and calamities, and the terrors of long nights. And indeed, it is by these trials that we forge the strength to vanquish all such things. It is no mystery then, that the will and fortitude to conquer the desolate privation of the impassible oceans was given not to some dweller of green pastures, but instead to us – we whose ancestors had braved a thousand winters, each one as impassible as the last, before we ever set foot across those waves. 

Think for a moment, of all those who went to sleep knowing that tomorrow would be yet again another yesterday. Think of all those who longed in quiet desperation for an age when the dust of our dying world would at last be shaken off, and the birth of something wholly new might at last be made manifest. Be thankful then, my brothers: you who were chosen by Providence to bear witness to the closing of this age; and to carry the light of Truth from depths of this midnight hour, unto the very gates of dawn which shall be yours to adorn for all time. 

May the New Year find you well, gentlemen.

Strength and Honor. 

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