Conservative or Revolutionary?

The time has come, my fellow traveler, to decide. You must decide if you are a conservative, or if you are ready to use your will to bring forth positive change for our people. Revolutionary change is the only thing that will alter this state of affairs in which we find ourselves. Conservatives, by definition, do not want things to change. They are happy with the way things are. As more and more of our people slip into poverty, become addicted, have their businesses ruined by lockdowns, or are murdered by communist paramilitary actors, conservatives merely want to rewind this tired old tape back a few years.

Look at your conservative “leaders,” they ran over themselves trying to be the first to disavow you, a true patriot. They call you a terrorist, and an insurrectionist, all the while waving off the true terrorism of BLM and antifa, which has been ongoing for months on end. They are not leaders, they are politicians. Look at the narrative that is being spun about you and your comrades at the January sixth rally. They say you are antifa! What a disgrace; to accuse your true believing base supporters of being the most fanatical of your enemies. What is even more disgraceful is that the rank and file couch potato conservatives are swallowing the lie that you, brave patriot, are antifa.

Those of us on the Nationalist Right have known these things for years. We too were slandered, deplatformed, and railroaded to prison in the early days of the Trump administration. This is why you did not see us on the fateful day of January sixth. We knew that Trump would disavow you under even the slightest pressure. We also know that we are getting ready to enter an extreme leftist reign of terror with this new administration. I would expect many patriots who showed their faces at this rally to be railroaded on trumped-up charges in the near future. Do you want to be a conservative individualist when you are thrown in prison for your beliefs, or would you rather be a part of a revolutionary movement that would never leave behind one of its own? Know this: If you are a Revolutionary who goes to prison because of this, the Nationalist Right will honor your sacrifice, even if we do not see eye to eye on political ideology. If you want truth and justice, you are in this fight with us.

It should now be apparent to you, that this country you love, the one you grew up in, does not exist anymore. I noticed this first around seven or eight years ago, after the Obama re-election. Leftists in work and social groups started turning people in, the beginning of the cancel culture. This trend has now reached its logical conclusion, with political and social conditions in the contemporary United States being much like the old Soviet Union. Sure, there is more material wealth, but rest assured that is only there to keep you complacent, as you and your children are made into thralls of the global slave masters who have plagued our people for time immemorial. And look what the conservatives have done in our defense; even with all three branches of government in 2017, and 2018, the conservatives were unable to hold the line against the radical left, let alone advance an agenda of their own.

Will you put your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy into conservatism; an ideology that seeks to maintain this wicked system that is destroying our people? Alternatively, will you wake up and see that this system is rotten to the core? Things are getting real now. You can either go back to being livestock for your slave masters, trying to make it through your life intact, while leaving a world of pure hell for your children, or you can stand with men of Strength, Honor, Loyalty, Truth, and Justice. When you stand with your comrades, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our greatest days are ahead of us, but only if we organize and grow our strength. This is a battle between life and absolute evil. We need every man.

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