Natural Law

Natural Law is a term you hear often in these sorts of circles. It’s often more a battlecry, or a rallying point. As such, it’s often assumed and ill-defined. Most of us “just know.” That sort of thing rarely translates downhill, that is to say, the further you go from the initiated; the foggier and less prescient the meaning of a thing.

Quite often folk come to their understanding of Natural Law in a less-than-optimal, but generally effective means: observation of the thing through the inverse. It isn’t hard to imagine why, a day spent scrolling the news, op-eds from degenerate lugenpresse and up, all lead a thinking, or feeling man to a like conclusion. This is not the way we’re meant to live. It becomes a reactionary impulse.

In school of course -unless you were blessed with parents who had the foresight to homeschool- you would have been taught the same as I; to never define a thing by its opposite. That’s just poor form. Nevermind that this ironically is what that same system now does, but hypocrisy, like Natural Law, is somewhat easily observed by inversal means.

So now how can we call Natural Law easily defined, when so much conflict has arisen to define it? Here we shall call Natural Law an Evolutionary Pulse, and we shall pause to remind the reader that in no way does Evolutionary need to be reductionary in the sense of being tied to certain hard sciences. An Evolutionary Pulse removed of all jargon can be the idea that creatures are guided to their best genetic destiny; health, strength, wisdom, mirth, craft, and frith. These are all hallmarks of human capitalisation of that Evolutionary Impulse which encapsulates Natural Law. A poet who weaves fine words and seeks to improve his folks lot is following Natural Law. The doctor who seeks to instill true health and not arbitrary doses of big pharma funded drugs, is following Natural Law. An artist who seeks beauty to elevate and inspire, but not to disturb and malign, is following Natural Law. What improves the racial stock, is Natural Law. On this Earth there is no higher, but one might argue that there is a higher order that Natural Law impels us to seek.

What is Man? It’s a broad question that’s been argued, maybe even since before there was a man as we know him. Is he an ape or an angel? Did he evolve or devolve? Does he have a soul or is he dust? You could spend a fruitlessly irate lifetime arguing these and other things with those who disagree with your assessment of truth. Perhaps Natural Law would guide us toward synthesis of important ideas, rather than immolation, conflagration, and infinite tension. What are some commonalities?

Man seeks for transcendence. In virtually every estimation of Man, he seeks to raise his plane, he seeks to lift himself out of his current estate and plough to something greater. Man has an animal nature, this is not hard to see. He is endowed with impulses, abstractions, carnalities and perversions. He can be regressive when untempered, ergo the very need to discuss Natural Law. However, no matter what system of government, (except our current death spiral) and no matter what religion, this transcendent streak has been a thread virtually unbroken, that connects us to ancestors so ancient we can scarcely know them.

Does this necessarily have to mean that transcendence is a copyright of the religious fringe? Of course not, though it may be argued that permutations therefrom have merely been adaptations of an invincible instinct, the gift of ancient Arya left for us to find in this day. For some that transcendence might be a purely physical vehicle; inculcation of certain knowledge, implementation of technologies to advance human nature – transhumanism is a (in the authors biased view) tainted example. The spirit moving the action, however, might be the same as the spiritualist who through arcane means tempers his genetics to allow him to live another day beyond his shelf-lifes warranty.

From the oldest texts, inspired by even older stories and perhaps the oldest of songs… we are meant for divinity. The entire story of Man has been one of return. Return to the Garden of Eden, return to Atlantis, to Hyperborea, to Thule, Agartha, Shamballah, Paradise. There is the notion that in the end is the beginning, and in the beginning is the end. Alpha, Omega. This is not an invented concept that spawned in 33AD to mess with your head. It is eternal.

What is not eternal is our skewed concept of what seeking divinity means. Natural Law is infuriatingly silent about certain aspects. What is typically certain is that Man cannot do this on his own. We are, of course, communal creatures. The Man alone in the mountains is a waste of life, his testament is of selfishness.

Of course, regardless of belief, man is a part of something greater. He is a cog in a wheel of Cosmic Order. In this, things have the appearance of being cyclical. Sunrise, sunset, life, death, light, dark, fire and cold. All of these things come from one and go back to another. There are wheels within wheels. In ancient days there was the Oroborous, the Greek serpent of alchemical fame who swallowed his own tail in perpetuity – the symbolism of a self-sustaining eternity. So too did the Northmen have their Jormungand, the serpent who in addition to biting his own tail, held the world together and kept it from falling apart at the seams. The commonality is that Creation is a self-sustaining organism, there are checks and balances in places that ensure survival. What this leaves us with, is that there is no success without perpetuity. There is no triumph of any will, without continuity. We have to be like the snake.

Natural Law has always impelled Man to seek Just Society. And Just Society has almost always been mindfully based upon Natural Law. Just Society is Man’s way to imitate the broader universe. It is no secret that his estimation of a Just Society has been inspired by religious transcendentalism when it follows a sublimated Perennialism. Those with a more mundane perspective have based their Just Society on common laws or inspired philosophies… which were themselves ironically drawn from those ancient pulses of religious inspiration.

What does a Just Society do? It provides transcendent direction. The True Society is not content to stop at providing food and shelter and otherwise robbing her citizens. It instils purpose, has aims. In this the Just Society takes upon herself a personal quality, as in classical cultures like Roma, Germania, Francia, and America; of whom all had a National Goddess at the prow of their destiny.

How would a Just Society do this? It draws inspiration from the genepool of the National Population. In this way it provides tangible evidence of belonging, and continuity. We live in an unjust society in which we are forcibly disconnected from our true heroes, saints, and gods, and given heroes to whom we owe no heritage. True heroes of a Just Society come from the national population because they connect the citizen to his past, it allows the serpent to bite his tail and hold his world together. So it goes also with legends, histories, and sciences – all create a vast framwork in which the Man seems himself in his past, and in so doing, can easily see himself in the future.

There are firm and reliable values which underlie and underline ALL social contracts, voluntary or by conscription. These values are preselected to reflect the instinct illuminating the best destiny of the host nation, race, or tribe. These values should remind the Man of the selfsame heroes he aspires toward, and thus further integrate Man into society.

The Just Society encourages individuals to better themselves, make themselves for their own good. This is done because it is only logical to assume that a Just Society is improved wholesale by the quality of her stock. There is no differential between a Just Man and Just Society, there is no distinction between Man, Land, and Folk. Self-improvement is therefore Folk-improvement because there is no divide between self interest and group interest. At the heart of this is equanimity, a state of being in which pieces fall into place within a broader conext allowing ease of movement, growth, and stability. It is NOT the same as equality, which often causes mechanisms to falter by equivocating cogs which by nature have different roles and levels of importance, functionality, et. al.

This has been why True Nations of Just Societies have had at their forefront the National Goddess, or else the Bride of Christ. These have been metaphors, which by nature are not untrue if you understand how our Race has worked, that have implemented the iron will of Natural Law – which is Fascism.** A workable culture comprised of individuals bound around a core, a Telos, if you will. By nature it is a closed system, the serpent biting his tail and holding the Earth is a fascist archetype. What is closed is the very thing the culture preserves; Land, Tribe, Nation. The Teleological aim of society grants incalculable staying power. The added, and I should hope obvious, benefit of this closed social system is that society does not need reconstruction with every generation.

The paramount importance of that last facet cannot by nature be overstated. Any culture that has to rebuild itself from a position of struggle every generation is a plainly failed experiment. In the author’s lifetime, he can recall no less than five teleological shifts, each of which presented a declension from the earliest he recalls – which was already a devolution of earlier iterations. There can be no Thousand Year Reich without such a system, closed, resolute, and firm.

** Fascism. It is a contentious topic at the time this was written, and that was and is a shame. Fascism is another word that is not defined, but misunderstood. What is Fascism? Fascism is a strong government which is represented not merely by law and finance, but also culture and spirituality. The core is bundled into layers, terminating in the people who symbolise the bundle. Fascism is inevitable, reader. Invincible. What is not is the flavour of fascistic enterprise. The author has lived through a Fascism of Failure, in which every conceivable degeneracy and abomination was shoved into the centre of the bundled Hoi Polloi. In this, the common dunce is correct when he says liberals are the true Fascists, but this does not mean that Fascism itself always tends that end. Applied to a Just Society -without which there could be no Justice- Fascism becomes a boon, not a curse. Most forms of governance that White Folk have embraced are Fascism by another name – “Democracy” included. When one reads the Doctrines of Fascism by Mussolini they are somewhat underwhelmed at the lack of visible liberal propaganda, his was a common-sense system in which the Government acted as a universal solvent to hold the peoples together. This was done by having a strong public identity apart from private living, it has also been called corporatism, because the industry would have been indistinct from the government – which again is not a problem if the government is actually “by and for” the “people.” Democratically speaking. The point is; reader, your enemy has defined your trajectory for you for far too long. If you look into these things for yourself, rather than rely on Jewish movies to inform your worldview, your panel of options in this redundant Clown World increases significantly.

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