Improving the Warrior

Once a man cultivates the warrior by establishing a strong and fertile foundation from which his inner warrior can emerge, he must begin the long, arduous process of improving himself. This process of improvement never ends. If a man is serious about being the best warrior he can be for himself, his family, and his people, then it will last a lifetime. As you can probably guess, improvement includes every element within the mind-body-soul connection.

Before a man can realize the potential of his inner warrior, he must improve the foundation he cultivated and mold himself to be the warrior he was born to be. He must discover self-discipline and practice it daily; make the productive and beneficial actions a daily habit. Establish a training regimen, a reading schedule, and set aside time for reflection and meditation. These are the doors through which the man enters and the warrior emerges.

Being a warrior is about being more than a mere man. It is about cultivating and improving the mind-body-soul connection to be as complete as one can be and setting the stage for the warrior to emerge. To be a warrior, a man must accept and embrace this, and build the bonds with other warriors – noble men – that must be in place for the preservation of the family, community, and people.

In times long past, people survived by being part of a community. Not to be confused with a collective, the community consisted of free men who banded together to provide security for their families and allowed them the opportunity to survive… and thrive. Leadership emerged in these communities due to variances in skill. Some men were better at some things than others; thus they rose to leadership positions. This is the nature of a true and noble brotherhood.

Leaders – of communities AND of warriors – must be selfless and dedicated to a higher cause: their people. They must control their ego, which can destroy even the most close-knit and bonded communities. By cultivating and improving his inner warrior, a man can control his ego, setting aside his needs for the good of others, namely his family, community, and people. This self-sacrifice is embodied by the true warrior.

How does a man accomplish this?

There is no single or simple answer. The truth of the matter is that this is a difficult, complex, arduous, and life-long process. The best time to start this process was years ago. The second best time to start is right now.

Improving the Mind
The mind is the most important element of the mind-body-soul connection, though an argument could be made for the soul. I believe the mind is most important because both the body and soul depend on a healthy mind and strong intellect. The mind serves as the navigator for the body and the guide for the soul. The ability to think determines the body’s performance and the soul’s behavior through intuition.

As the saying goes, “information is power.” If a man believes this, then he must arm himself accordingly and be the best informed man he can be. Through this thirst for knowledge and hunger for mental power, he improves his inner warrior by feeding his intellect.


READ!!! Read like your life depends on it…because it will. I have a voracious appetite for reading and you should as well, if you are to transform from a man into a warrior. Read anything and everything that you can about the subjects most interesting and dear to you. The list should include the classics; a foreign language or two; skills and trades; and, expanding your philosophical, religious, political, scientific, and historical horizons. The list is endless; I will not attempt to cover its entirety. The point is that real men develop an insatiable thirst for knowledge and they read to quench it. Modern man has the option to read physical works or e-books, as well as listen to audiobooks. Find your topic, choose your medium, and read. Do it… now.

Related to improving the mind is developing a strong and proper mindset. Through this mindset, the warrior gains and maintains his focus. He is, after all, his own first responder. He owes it to himself, his family, his community, and his people. In fact, I would suggest that it is his duty and responsibility to both protect and serve. The warrior must protect himself so he can serve others. He protects his family as well, and serves his brothers, community, and people. In sum, the warrior serves others. This is the core element of self-sacrifice. To embrace it means that a warrior must improve his mind and have the proper mindset.

Improving the Body
A man’s present level of fitness can really determine his status. Is he an asset, a contributing member of his family, community, and people? Or is he a liability, a drain on resources or a danger to those around him?

Your physical training should be focused on two major life-goals: self-preservation and longevity. Through these two goals, you protect yourself and others, and you serve those who comprise your family, community, and people. Both of these major life-goals should dictate your physical improvement.

We can argue about the details of a physical training regimen all day long, but this is not a sperg post, so I refuse to engage in that exercise here. I believe the key components to self-preservation and longevity include power, strength, agility, stamina, and health. Each of these must be rotated in priority and worked in complementary ways so you can maximize your physical potential.

Find what works for you and strive to master it. For example, if you are retard-strong but lack agility, embrace your strength (no pun intended) and work to improve your weakness. Use your weak points as opportunities to not only improve but also to excel. I will never be a racehorse; those days are out of sight in my life’s rearview mirror. But I have strength and certain skills that I will maximize while I work to improve my health, agility, and stamina.

Work within your capability level but strive for mastery in everything. Learn to accept what you can do and what you cannot do. Share your abilities with others, and learn from them things that you can apply to your own self-improvement. Use your physical training to improve your fighting skills; do not think for a minute that this is not important. Fitness without the capability to defend yourself and others is of marginal value. However, fitness AND skills work together to complete the physical warrior.

Stop making excuses and stop blaming others for your failure. Accept the level and details of your weaknesses and work to improve them. Stop thinking you are entitled to success because the truth of the matter is this: you are only entitled to two things – jack and shit. You must earn everything. Every damned day. There is no rest. There is only improvement through dedication and hard work. So gird your loins and get to work.

Improving the Soul
Where the mind navigates the body and guides the soul, the soul binds it all together, serving as the mortar between the three bricks of the mind-body-soul connection. Your inner warrior is a source of strength, a wellspring from which you can draw when in need. But you must call on your warrior spirit thoughtfully, conscientiously, and morally, so it can manifest itself with clarity, focus, determination, courage, and consistency.

To become such a warrior, a man must explore himself. He must do so honestly and thoroughly for he can only determine who he wants and needs to become by understanding who he is at present. This means he must broaden his reality – esoteric AND exoteric – so he can internalize the ability of mindfulness. This is critical if he is to remain grounded and in the moment, and still adapt to overcome the challenges of life with an intensity and determination that never falters or wavers.

How a man thinks and what he believes will determine his behavior. His intellectual capacity and core principles drive this behavioral motor. Thus improving the soul – his spiritual side – is absolutely critical as a man becomes a warrior. To do this, the man must be productive and have purpose in his life. For warriors-to-be, this purpose is obvious: to become the best warrior he can be so that he may protect and serve his people.

This purposeful and principled way of life will serve many purposes as the man matures into a warrior. He will be able to remain positive, making the most of every situation, good or bad. He will be capable of staying aware and observant. And he will be able to recognize those who help him be his best, surrounding himself with them to ensure he remains noble in purpose and pure in character.

One of the key ingredients in improving the soul is a man’s ability to be self-aware and take responsibility for his actions… and inactions. To do this, he must be introspective and recognize his faults, failures, and weaknesses. He must strive to own them and improve them, for they are his, no one elses. Throughout this process, a man must remain positive and cognizant of the bigger picture; that is, he must have strategic vision.

By living as a principled warrior, a man will be able to organize his life and live more efficiently. This self-organization will transfer over into his thinking, his mindset, the actions he takes, and decisions he makes. Through his core principles and religious or philosophical worldview, a man will also be able to take ownership of his appearance, for the image he presents reflects his character and his soul. A slovenly man is a slob. If this is you, unfuck yourself. You represent yourself, your family, your community, and your people. Be who you want to be, not who you used to be.

By improving his soul, a man will do what is right instead of doing the right thing. There is a difference between the two, believe it or not. A man must be good to others and respectful, and do what is right no matter the circumstances. To do the right thing simply to appease others and what they think you ought to do is tantamount to being a cuckold. Warriors are not this type of man. They are better.

Through an improved inner warrior, the man is able to control his emotions. To quote Pat McNamara, “there is no cure for being a cunt.” Control your emotions, think logically and strategically, and remain true to your core principles and code of honor. By controlling your emotions, you will be able to control yourself before you speak and before you act.

Recognize what is important to you as a warrior. Only you can determine what to care about and what to ignore. Ensure your determination of import is based on the codes and principles by which you live. Stupid shit is not worth your time, effort, or energy, and it distracts you from your calling.

Your soul is the window to the true you. Improve it daily. Know yourself and seek self-improvement in all areas of the mind-body-soul connection. Over time, your family and brothers will recognize your maturation and witness the emergence of your warrior. Do the hard work now to ensure the warrior that you will become is grounded, guided by principle, and focused on what it important: your people.

Putting It All Together
How do we start? How do we progress? How do we improve?

There are no cut-and-dry answers to these questions. It depends on many things, chief among them is you. It depends on you, the man who would become a warrior.

To rise to warriordom, a man must break himself down. He must learn first what it means to be a man, to be a good man, and to be good at being a man. He must recognize the elements of his intellect, physical ability, character, nature, and spirituality that need improving. He must take action and be resolute in making the changes required for him to evolve and mature.

Anyone born with the proper equipment can be a male. It takes a special male to be a man. And it takes a special man to be a warrior. Few can do it. Fewer still want to do the hard work that it requires. Very few men have the testicular fortitude to invest the blood, sweat, and tears in this endeavor. Improvement never ends; it is only the beginning. For during the process of improvement, a man must steel himself to the arduous task he has undertaken. Do you have what it takes? I guess we will all find out.

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