Steeling The Warrior

All three elements within the mind-body-soul connection intertwine, each one taking primacy at different phases in the process of becoming a warrior. As I have stated before in this series, the mind navigates the body and guides the soul. While this is important in cultivating the warrior, it is absolutely critical in steeling him. A man must prepare his mind, since the body and soul will follow. He must develop capability, which he did -and continues to do- during the improvement phase. But he must also prepare for action; this is the domain of the mind.

Capability without action makes a man inefficient, unfocused, and a wastrel. Capability and action together, however, are what makes a man a warrior. He must train himself to think strategically and act tactically, and incorporate drills into his daily routine so they become ingrained habits and instinct. This means developing the “muscle memory” of action and a man cannot do this without the proper mindset.

During the improvement process, a man must set the stage for steeling himself for action by developing the capabilities to match. Within the steeling process, he begins to gird his loins for action, thus combining his burgeoning capability with a capacity for action required for his becoming a warrior.

In a perfect world, we would aways be capable and ready for action; but we do not live in a perfect world, far from it. In our present reality, no one is truly ready all the time. A man may think he is, but does he truly have the mindset to leverage his capabilities at a moment’s notice? I wager not; at least, not yet. But we will get there.

What does a man fight for? In a general sense, he fights for himself; we call this self-preservation. He also fights for his family, community, and people; in this way, we consider him to be a first-responder. To serve his community as a man, a warrior, and a leader, he must first possess the proper attitude. This means being positive. He may fail, blunder, or fall, but he must never give ground to negativity. To do so would put at risk himself and everything and everyone he holds dear. A positive mental attitude is essential to developing the warrior mindset that enables a man to steel himself for action.

A man’s mindset is developed over time. It matures and evolves through experience -positive and negative- and a man adjusts it to meet his improving capabilities and the situational environment in which he must live and operate. The proper mindset determines a man’s ability to interpret and respond to various situations he may face. It also assists him in assessing quickly, acting decisively, and thus performing efficiently.

All men are NOT created equal, not biologically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, or physically. Some of us have to work hard to become who we were born and destined to be. Mindset is a key ingredient in the long road to warriordom. Since we are all hardwired differently, we must look internally to that fire that burns within us. We must kindle it, ignite it, and let it rage within us to drive us to our own perfection.

This internal fire drives us and allows us to be who we want -and need- to be. It sets us on our individual path. We may choose our path, or allow our path to be chosen for us. Either way, our inner fire -inner warrior spirit- drives us along that path where we meet success and failure, and thus evolve and mature into the men and warriors we will become.

Throughout your journey from man to warrior, you will piss people off. Not everyone will like you, and some will even come to hate you. So what? You do not live to please others. You live to serve your community and people. Do not avoid the possibility of pissing people off, but do not be the cunt everyone despises. Be determined. Stick to your principles. Be firm about who you are and who you will become.

Along your path to warriordom, live without regret. Even if you try and fail, at least you were “in the ring.” Get up, shake it off, examine what went wrong, fix yourself, and try again. This is not rocket science; it is the evolution of man, pure and simple. Allow yourself to stretch your boundaries and test yourself. If you do not, you will not learn or grow, and you will wallow in your own mediocrity. Figure out who and what are important to you, and what adds value to your life. Embrace them and either discard or avoid the rest. Do not let them waste your time.

Do not be a quitter; never give up. True character can only be built through adversity. Failure is not defeat; rather, it leads to small victories. Failure provides us those valuable lessons we otherwise would not have had if we had not tried. Overcome your fear, be strong, gird your loins, and get back to work. You are not alone; your brothers are doing and experiencing the same things. Get over your mental or physical vaginitis and man-up.

I am constantly experiencing failure, disappointment in myself, and frustration. This is life. I am able to sustain my effort and continue the fight because I know that the enemy is not resting. He is vile, devious, and looking to exploit any weakness. I will not give him that satisfaction and it is through a strong, positive, and focused mindset that I can continue the fight. Join me. Prepare your mind for what lies ahead, for we are running out of time and options.

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