A Reading of: Art And Revolution By Richard Wagner

Following his participation in the Dresden chapter of the 1848 revolutions – a populist affair with proto-National Socialist characteristics – Richard Wagner ruminates on the concurrent role of art with social upheavel. The piece encompasses a brief history of European art with particular focus on the triumphs of the Greeks, yet their downfall taking place for reasons concurrent to efforts in Wagner’s time as today to create a stronger, a freer, and a more idealized society. Wagner’s passages invoking the downfall of art to commerce and notoriety demonstrate an extreme prescience to our struggles today as do his prescriptions to remedy in returning to Nature and Identity as the progenitors of true art.

One thought on “A Reading of: Art And Revolution By Richard Wagner

  • April 14, 2021 at 7:44 PM

    Wilhelm Richard Wagner might as well have been one specific thing insofar to his own politics yet, do not mistake the “1848 Märzrevolution” for Proto N.S. or Populist because it simply was not the case!

    Given the time & place – Deutscher Bund (Habsburg Dominion – “Metternich Period” ~ the very origin of the mindset of galvanized German Nationalism under an Austrian banner which later emboldened Prussians & later Ethno-Nationalistic movements).

    The Revolutionaries “48ers”: Mainly Democratic Liberal & Marxist with some minor exceptions.

    European Normalcy is Monarchical within this particular case – Mitteleuropa – Germania.

    Conclusion: The 1848 Revolution mindset at large was one of “Anti-Monarchy sentiments”, the majority of its most antagonistic demonstrators were exiled c. 1850, to the U.S.A. of all places by Prussian reactionary & Statesman Otto von Bismarck.

    it was these very revolutions experimenting with individualistic plutocratic ideas which for the early part hampered Traditional German unification under Royal rule.

    The N.S.D.A.P. did not happen because the German Monarchies instigated it, rather it was partly a reaction for the removal/elimination of the Ancient Ruling Bloodlines of Germanic Central Europe.

    Following WWI both the Deutsches Kaisserreich & Kaisertum Österreich became stripped of their Monarchies, military power, titles, land by heritage & basic liberties which as part of a culmination of various factors which sparked the rise of the N.S.D.A.P. (Germany) & V.F. (Austria).

    National Socialism was never created with the intention to endure for a long period it was for all intents and purposes the N.S. rise to power was a stepping-stone to return a Kaiser back upon the German throne. The one & only true Thousand Year Reich was Heiliges Römisches Reich under a Habsburg King/Emperor it just happened to be Prussians who unified Germans during the mid-late 1800s & not Austrians. Prussians who lit the flame which shone so brightly that envious foreign eyes & black hearts snuffed out that very flame.

    P.S. A.H. was very Pro-Habsburg & very Pro-Hohenzollern despite what many might say about him if it were not for both internal pressures within the party itself & external stressors by means of war, Germany & Austria would probably have been restored Monarchies & likely one unified German Nation today.

    I do not see how this applicable to America or Americans.


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