Excerpt From: My First Hours In America By Eugen Sandow

Eugen Sandow, a Prussian emigrant first to England and then to New York, is considered to be the Father of Modern Bodybuilding. Something of a positive deviant from the main of Victorian and European Strongman culture, Sandow was among the first known to stress the value of hypertrophy in building a chiselled physique.

As a whole, the birth of Physical Culture, which spawned the modern sport of Strongman, was an inspiring time. For the racialist, it is a trove of inspiration due to the saturation of Physical Culture with racial awareness. I chose to share the anecdote of Sandow’s first moments in America for a manifold purpose. One, is to show how little some things change; such as the crudeness of the other, the frenetic energy of burgeoning Capitalism in America. And more, to show that not long ago, men of good character dominated those of poor quality. We might not be able to do as Sandow did, for any number of predominately legal reasons, but that spirit of chauvinism once pioneering controlled aggression and chivalry in the West can be something we aspire to retake.

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