“This poem tells our story and states indirectly why I do what I do.”

I Sit And Muse The Past Of Our Kind

I sit and muse the past of our kind,
whose fervor’s called by all ancients divine; 
that, from within Earth goes great many lore, 
or from above, as angels, to mentor.

From archaic peoples, came our fathers.
They would discover other kinds,
and stay near to show them how to optimize, 
and brought ease to their base and troubled lives.

Of how to raise a crop, they’d not a clue.
“Harvest” was naught, and they had never slew 
a creature bred alone to grace the plate;
they’d little use for tools in their state.

So for a reason we may never know
our fathers longed to see all people grow,
and voyaged ‘cross Earth’s oceans and her seas
undaunted by their might and mysteries.

They met all other peoples with a smile,
and taught them to domesticate the wild
beasts whose labor they were all surprised 
could be harnessed and quickly utilized.

And lo! Did China burst onto the scene, 
and Sumer, and great India, serene!
In every realm grand pyramids were raised,
and mark what places Aryans have stayed.

Yet, from our grandeur did we ever wane
and nearly have we let ourselves be slain.
Of stress and struggle, we ‘came so deprived 
that we forgot we’ve enemies still alive,

and jealous that God’s kingdom is hand-made 
by our noble folk; and so They’ve preyed, 
ravenous wolves adorned in hoof and wool 
upon our flock, unable to be full.

And whence they come, it matters not at all; 
just that we ever rise, and that they fall. 
Yet at this time, it warrants all our might 
to resume our birth-right; so, let us fight!

And why! You know the answer in your heart; 
from that old notion we can never part. 
We’re here to disperse love across all lands; 
to impart knowledge, for we understand 

that Truth to Goodness is the holy mother.
We owe it to ourselves, and to each other
to therefor vanquish Children of the Lie
at last; and let ourselves be calcified 

that we’ll not flinch at any evil words,
but meet them with the edges of our swords.
We are the keepers of all just and right, 
so dutifully must we exercise our might!

No lie can poison one’s heart who has known 
that diligence and courage, once they’re shown
mobilizes many folk around, who 
moved by your own words may soon astound you!

We struggle to persist because we want to, 
so when you hear that little voice that haunts you
make it known It hasn’t any sway 
o’er anything you think, or do, or say.

Protest when It begs capitulation,
And understand our peoples’ situation
was not made by us, only imposed
Upon us—whom from Gods of old arose!

So if you cannot understand the hour 
is nigh to show the world our ancient power,
you’re forgiven, brother! I implore to
remain pure—and I will fight Them for you!

For when you’re weak, I shall be your protector, 
and vanquish every source of our defectors 
who live to make you feel alone—a goner! 
Your brothers shall rebuke with strength and honor!

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