On Guiding Nascent Revolutionaries

Many of us may shirk at recruiting those of wildly differing ideology. This is a common flaw in our thinking, and it is a flaw, despite its roots in a healthy preference for the ingroup.

The most important quality of an ideological vanguard -believe it or not- is not expertise with the rote mechanics of our ideology itself. Indeed, hundreds -if not thousands- of young men wash up on our ideological shores daily, marooned by the realities of everyday life in this fallen world, and stumble their way up the beachhead having read not a single word of our most basic literature. No, my friends, the most important quality of this, and any vanguard, is an unquenchable desire for change; for things to be made right, without any neurotic concern for the consequences of that fierce and righteous impetus. One could call this ‘revolutionary potential.’ Here are some examples that may bring up some revulsion, but regardless demonstrate a powerful intellectual will.

1) The red communist’s undying devotion to an abstract idea of an international working class.

2) The gormless libertarian’s obsession with liberty, even to the point of societal self-destruction.

3) The manic environmentalist’s desire for pollution and exploitation to be halted at any cost.

4) The naïve civic nationalist’s fond wish for the government to be washed clean of corruption.

Though these desires are aimed in the wrong directions, they nevertheless show a hidden commonality. Though they are misguided, they are shaped by a shared vigor of the soul. All ideologues act as an auspex would, wringing out often-conflicting conclusions from the entrails, and searching for a concrete and actionable cause in the clouded waters of man’s natural morality.

These men, though they may pledge themselves to unsustainable, or even destructive causes, are not the enemy. These men are terribly misguided. Lambs stumbling away from their natural flock, following the misshapen tracks of hungry beasts in an attempt to find their way back. They need to be confronted with the truths of the world, shown that the creatures they follow will eat them alive. Then, and only then, will they follow you home.

Show the communist that international finance is not an ally, but a weapon; one hefted by Globalist capital and brought down on the worker’s back as a bludgeon to strip him and his fellows of their natural camaraderie, to drown his labor in a sea of impossible competition, and shave his wages down to the last dollar.

Show the libertarian that the greedy and the abusive only grow stronger when left unchecked, and collude openly when secrecy is no longer necessary. Show him that vice, sin, and degeneracy, stain everything they touch, and only gain ground when allowed to prey upon the unknowing and the innocent.

Show the environmentalist that he is not the one destroying the world, that he needs not strip every luxury from his life, and every joy from his heart, when the enemy; the industrial cancer which belches up smog and vomits plastic into the pristine waters of Earth, has been hidden from him, shuffled oceans away, onto the shoulders of an unthinking enemy. Show him that many of his supposed allies only join him in his efforts for fleeting political gain, and for the power over him that their shared cause allows them.

Show the civic nationalist that his enemy is not a vague thing, a miasma, a faceless ideology. Show him that he is being attacked not just for what he believes, but for what he is; that his innermost, inescapable nature is the reason he is the subject of such state terror. Show him that his enemy can be found; that it is a thing possessed of certain goals, certain allegiances, and certain identifying features that -with care and attention- he can be taught to recognize.

There you have it my friends; be cautious above all else. Make sure that you know your audience, that you petition neither the dull-eyed drone nor the ideological idolater corrupted beyond repair. But if you have found a man who is willing to act, a man who stands on the precipice of action, for good or for ill, you must act. You must pull him back from that ledge. Tell him the truth. Tell him the value he has, recognize the strength of his soul, and show him a greater shape for his righteous will. Show him that he can march forth blindly, and in doing so become your enemy. Then, take him by his hand, open his eyes to the truth of the world, and show him instead that he is your brother.

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