Amish Barns on Rocky Oceans

What is brotherhood? What is fraternity? Is it an ancient tradition, a subversive one, a survival mechanism, or simply a drinking club for college boys? We have heard much about The Masons’ “hidden hand”, and jewish ethnic cohesion by their own admission being the highest in the world; for survival against their oppressors, they will say. The latter having transcended mere survival and has gone into financial success unrivaled and at the expense of all those around them. We are at a time where George Carlins bits about liberals and their destruction of language because of the feelings words invoke seem a fond memory. It is not enough to say differently abled, or minimally exceptional, as now the difference between men and women has been ‘disproven’ by science we are told. Traditional gender roles which have served us very well for a long time have been replaced and re-perfected under the postmodern society’s rules. Despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, we are left to feel gaslit, as we are the only ones who see it, all the ones versed in the matter will tell you in long convoluted verses about how the nuclear family promotes White supremacy and that Whiteness is something to overcome, and gender is but a social construct. 

With this gaslighting, we are told that these very thoughts we have are antisocial and unnatural. We are supposed to ignore what we know and dive into movies that promote things which subvert our existence; sitcoms which remind us when it is appropriate to laugh, free and unlimited pornography that lowers our testosterone and wires our brain like that of an addict, countless sports on the screen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year where you can watch blacks play, and finally there’s endless videogames where you can feel like you are a part of something, building something while turning off your brain. Bread and circus is the strategy in which they have turned your instincts and strengths into vices making you inert. This is not the natural state of Whites; nor is it that of Men.

By reading this, you are at the very least curious about what more there is out there. You have awakened from a lifetime of slumber; you want a serious group of serious guys with a common goal and a racial awareness. Maybe you are looking for direction, maybe you want to lead; brotherhood, fraternity, security, a more rounded worldview, a network of wise men who will take the time to give you genuine advice and council, all and more lay in your future. We are in a unique political climate where for having an unpopular opinion you can lose your job, your bank, your freedom, and even your life. Navigating this requires expert guidance from men who have been in it and have a stake therein. It takes a village to raise a child it is said. Well, it takes the Mannerbund to raise a brother. The village elders and fathers have been discarded and emasculated by today’s perfect multiracial and trans society. With the absolute destruction of social capital, we are left holding the bag on our ascendancy. Boomers will tell you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, whilst you struggle to buy boots. You toil away in debt slavery because you were told that if you got to college, you will be alright. The American dream reads like a nightmare. With the right leadership, the pitfalls of the modern man evaporate; and with brotherhood and fraternity you have always got someone to help pull you through. 

This all falls under the umbrella of social capital. Social capital is defined as “the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively”. Social capital ripples throughout all layers of our society and shapes our actions, intentions, and expectations from others. It shows how much we engage vs tune out from society. In the book Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam, many things were discussed as the destruction of social capital. The advent of many technologies like radio and television increased the tuning out and disengaging from something as simple as bowling leagues, to something as essential as participation in local politics. This sped up the “vote with your feet” mindset because it seems no amount of advocacy and activism bears any fruit, “silence bud, the game is on,” the disenfranchised will say, and this hastens the destruction of social capital via White flight. What can be done when there is nowhere left to fly to? At its core, The Mannerbund is a revival of social capital. You’re accountable to your brothers, from your strength and fitness, to your finesse in being honorable; you’re always being measured as someone who is dependable and honorable. Like the Amish who built a barn in thirteen hours and then moved it, you are trusted to do your part, as you are not your own. You are a part of a sacred fraternity that values strength and honor above all else. It is not enough to put your hands on the barn and wait for it to be in the air. You will instead risk blowing out your back to lift on the countdown as you can depend on your brothers to do the same. This is social capital, this is the Mannerbund. 

A task this big requires a network. We stand solid and firm, forever immune to the ops our enemies would seek to use to destroy us. Normies take note and regard us with deference as the difference is palpable. Not being steered left and right like cattle by the latest news cycle, but rather being an anchor and an oracle. Beacons of our communities, neighborly and friendly. When we congregate, they cannot place us, but they know wisdom abounds. Whilst they are still playing catchup, we already have the answers; as they have been placed into the memory of those who dare to learn. Every pillar of every community is amongst our ranks for we do not abide by the rules of the modern man. We are a throwback to something forgotten but welcomed whenever it is met. 

Secret and sacred fraternity and brotherhood is the answer in these turbulent times. You cannot stand alone, adrift in a hostile ocean. If you dare face the storm alone, you will find the barking of the oceans more than you can bear, you are overturned all for naught. So, you seek shelter and solitude in a gentle bay, and tune out the outside world whilst you wait for the oncoming storm; this silence is deafening. For once knowing the truth, it cannot be forgotten. So, face this with brothers. Whether it be the sail that follows the winds, the rudder which steers the ship, the men who work them, the oarsmen who row through the storm, or even the weather itself; rest assured it will be us who are behind it. The Mannerbund is a fraternity with social capital remastered at its heart, forged with Strength and Honor. Lesser men will not replace us and their useful idiots will not displace us.

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