It is a word flung around far too freely by those who stand for nothing but what the globohomo clergy on the television tell them to. The bleating cry of those who make saints out of career felons, and turn a blind eye to the murder and abuse of their neighbors at the same hands of those saints.

It is the label earned by those in this age of cowardly repression and spiritual destitution who have no other option than to take their own side.

Truthfully it is something to wear as a badge of honor. And nothing makes the scores of human flotsam seethe quite like bold patriots unabashedly standing for what they believe is right – whether that be their unyielding faith, steadfastness to the ideals of the nation that once was, or duty to blood and soil.

Our people may have been brought low by the machinations of this postmodern hell, but it takes a lot more than screentime over saturation and high fructose corn syrup to unmake the innate righteous fury that wells in our souls; Righteous fury that has been tempered and forged over millennia of war, strife, triumph and tragedy.

The battle for the very soul of this nation has pushed the distinction between patriots and traitors akin to freedom fighters and terrorists. The media religion has made it clear that those who come out in opposition to the globalist realignment of the world are the public enemy number one.

Yes, the people who were never asked to have any of this imposed upon them, and consequently, are those who often suffer the greatest from the rapid devolution this change has brought upon them, truly are the greatest threat. Because they were never asked.

The failed state that is the modern U S of A has a dire problem with legitimacy of governance. This land has become quite possibly the biggest powder keg to have ever been primed in history. The social contracts this fake society was built upon have all been broken in favor of the outsider, the barbarian, the deranged, and the criminal, all the while they demand the most patriotism and obedience out of those they hate.

Those they hate are those who would be the first to lay down their lives for this country, and what do they get for this? An unfathomable level of surveillance as if they were already prisoners in a giant, open air prison. Psychological abuse and racial blood libeling from kindergarten to the grave.

What is there to feel allegiance to in the United States? Everything about living under the star spangled banner for the honest, working, family man is intolerable. It has become a godless empire of insane freaks, barbaric animals, and unaccountable tyrants so high on their own supply that a few men with flags can make them cower and scatter like the rats they are. The taxes we are bled dry for are given to those who hate us while we get nothing but spite in return. Our armies are sent to die for foreign powers in foreign lands, yet cannot defend us at home. The only freedom we have left is to agree with whatever this system tries to impose upon us.

The common man’s grievances are endless. Those legitimate grievances have been condemned as treason.

Did they truly expect us to go quietly into the night? To take this forever?

On January sixth, these good people gave those corrupt politicians a reminder of who really has skin in the game in this nation. It was not any of the numerous dual-citizens in our congress who lost their businesses or livelihoods from their disastrous economic shutdowns… it was not any of those politicians well-worth hundreds of times their government salaries who have had their wages devastated by unending tides of immigration and job offshoring… it was not the President of the United States himself who risked his life to have his voice heard that day.



And they’re beginning to understand the magnitudes of betrayal they have been dealt.

And I dare say that was the first time in a very, very long while the people’s voices had been heard in those oh-so sacred halls of democracy™! Their message was well punctuated when the worn boots of a working man rested upon Nancy Pelosi’s glossy desk.

Richard Barnett did nothing wrong.

“INSURRECTION!” They cry out as they drive the knife deeper! Electronic billboards have become towering LED wanted posters plastering the faces of every one and anyone who was in DC for wrongthink on that January day. News outlets have lambasted our neighbors as heretics. Legions of dickless, pink haired men have spent countless hours of their worthless lives tracking down and identifying those who dared defy their masters, so they may be rounded up by their predecessors in the disgustingly partisan FBI. For this grave offense of showing our politicians what democracy looks like, these good people have been hunted down, imprisoned, and vilified as traitors to the same system that KILLED four of them that day.

How can you be a traitor to something that makes substantial efforts to destroy you? Perhaps a better question is why people still call themselves patriots, especially when there are good, honest citizens facing more punishment and jail time for taking a selfie in the capitol building than most perpetrators of serious offenses like murder and rape plaguing this collapsing country do.

The contradictions have been beaten to death. This is a war waged on the populace.

And if you really want to talk treachery, you need not look far to find the chorus of conservatives who universally condemned Ashli Babbit before her body was even cold. They vilified one of the most fundamental aspects of being American: Rebellion against tyranny! They surrendered their own martyr to slander and lies without so much as even demanding to know the name of the security guard who shot her in the throat. “Traitor!” They screeched as she gurgled on her own blood, searching for her last, fleeting gasps of air. Where have the fundraisers been for the court expenses of those who protested? Oh, right, going to AOC’s grandmother. This is not a party worth being a part of. They will not fight for you, because they are not you.

The protesters were betrayed by the very president who urged them on, and in the most pathetic fashion dismissed his most loyal supporters in front of the whole world, after they had been lead into an obvious trap. Nor were any of them pardoned on his way out the door, instead he freed actual spies and traitors at his benefactors’ behests. This is not a leader who deserves a pittance of the loyalty his supporters have given him over the years. He did not fight for you, because he is not one of you.

It is a bitter truth that there is no one on the patriot’s side but himself and his brothers, the most betrayed of all.

There was one image from that fateful day that stood out above the others. One lone man with Old Dixie unfurled over his shoulder, standing in the very halls that once ordered the destruction of those who waved it. That image hurt their arrogance on a magnitude we probably cannot comprehend.

Though I am not Southerner, as a dissident, I have come to love that Dixie battle flag.

Through it all, that flag has endured, and with it the folk spirit of defiance against a way of life you don’t want imposed upon you lives on. That’s why they have spent decades demonizing it, and the people it represents. They are unable to erase this enduring symbol of resistance and identity of a people they consider nothing more than a troublesome bastard population.

They cannot break you. And it scares the shit out of them.

Though they love it when the men born of that blood and soil are sent off to die in their wars, they could show no greater contempt and hatred than when it was waved high by that same very man, in the halls where they legislate his incapacitation.

That simple act of defiance against the detached, rootless tyrants who hate us, who spend their lives destroying us for their own gain and sick pleasures; for the first time in a very long time, made me feel proud to be American again.

That feeling is what brings despots to their knees.

There is no greater honor, and no greater expression of freedom than to be a patriot to one’s own people, and a traitor to this damnable system. Any such system that aims to make our sons and their sons a hated minority in a land fought, built, and bled for by their ancestors, deserves nothing but our wrath.

We have zero representation in this country. No taxation without representation was a key pillar of the revolution this nation was born from. Unfortunately those ideals have been buried. But they are being unearthed.

That is why, from one traitor to another, I say I stand with you. We might not see eye to eye on everything, but we are under the same boot.

We have no other choice but to take our own side, and boy oh boy, it sure is nice to see more good, honest people taking their own side.

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