A Reading of: Visions of the Future, By William Luther Pierce

About William Luther Pierce:

William Luther Pierce III was born on September, 11, 1933 in Atlanta, Georgia. He lost his father at an early age, which placed increased responsibility on him to earn money for his family through a paper route and odd jobs. Pierce did extremely well academically throughout his youth, skipping grades in elementary school and achieving top honors in high school.

Pierce entered Rice University in Houston, Texas in 1951 after graduating from a military high school. Here, on a full ride scholarship, he majored in physics and graduated in 1955. He became very interested in outer space after studying Herman Oberth’s works during his time at Rice. He had dreams of becoming a pilot to prepare for the coming U.S. space program, but his poor vision and tall stature prevented that.

After graduating from Rice, Pierce spent a few months working at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory as part of a team attempting to develop controlled nuclear fusion. He then moved on to graduate studies at the California Institute of Technology. After a year at Caltech, Pierce accepted a job at the nearby Jet Propulsion Laboratory where much of America’s interplanetary exploration program was developed. After 15 months at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pierce moved on to continue studies at the University of Colorado where he completed his master’s and doctorate in physics. Pierce moved on to teach at Oregon State University in 1962 where he quickly earned the position of associate professor.

Pierce’s first move into politics was via the John Birch Society. However, he quickly became disillusioned with the group. Specifically, their unwillingness to address the issues of racial conflict and jewish power directly. In 1964, Pierce contacted George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party. Pierce pitched an idea to Rockwell concerning the publication of a journal. They agreed on the title National Socialist World. Pierce condensed Savitri Devi’s book The Lightning and the Sun and included it in the journal’s first issue. This introduced many more readers to Devi’s writings. After Rockwell’s assassination, Pierce had a falling out with the organization’s new leader and was adrift for several months.

Pierce eventually met with Lou Byers, who was running the failing National Youth Alliance (NYA). The goal of the NYA was to oppose the 1960’s counterculture on college campuses. Pierce took over the failing organization and published tabloids titled Attack! and National Vanguard. In addition, the organization held small demonstrations of their own and participated in demonstrations of other organizations.

After changing the name of the organization to the National Alliance, Pierce established National Vanguard Books and the radio program American Dissident Voices (ADV). Pierce’s ADV reached an estimated 100,000 people worldwide. The National Alliance was very closely associated with Resistance Records, which produced and sold nationalist and resistance music. At the time of Pierce’s death in 2002, the National Alliance was bringing in around one million dollars a year with a paid staff of seventeen full-time officials.

While Pierce is well known for The Turner Diaries, and running the most powerful White Nationalist organization in the U.S., the race-based religious orientation he developed is much lesser known. For Pierce, Cosmotheism provided the spiritual basis for the direction he wanted to take the National Alliance. Pierce felt that Cosmotheism, a version of Pantheism, was the spiritual foundation that could carry us to victory in our current struggle, and beyond.

William Luther Pierce III passed away in West Virginia on July 23, 2002. His service and dedication to our cause have been matched by few, if any, in recent history. For this, he will always be remembered.

“Cattle die, kinsmen die, and so must one die oneself. But one thing I know which never dies — the fame of a dead man’s deeds.” -The Havamal

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