The Poor Man’s Lamb

A piece I wrote for my son; a future soldier of the U.S. Marine Corps.

I find that I grieve for things that haven’t happened yet, and in all likelihood will not happen; possibly losing you, my beloved son, in a conflict that I passionately disagree with, for a government that hates me and you, a government that I despise from the core of my being, the idea fills me with limitless rage, and bottomless sorrow.

It’s simply the possibility of losing you, my boy, my precious boy. It’s the fear that all parents who love their children feel. I honestly wouldn’t mind so much if you were actually being sent to fight for our country. Warriors are necessary, and your desire to serve is exemplary. They use our sense of honor and duty against us; It’s the way they manipulate us, and use the best parts of our people against us that I despise.

When I think of you a million thoughts come to my heart first, and then my head in remembrance; I remember you in diapers and one-piece zip-up footie jammies, and I adored every hair upon your one-year-old head. Becoming your father was humbling, because before you I never knew what love was, in the sense that I’d loved people before, but not in this new all-consuming, oceanic way. There’s just something about the flesh of your own flesh, and the bone of your bones -to love someone far more than I do myself is both astonishing and electric.

You’ve grown into the last of the true believers son; you’re a warrior and a patriot. You’ve gone and decided to have a military career in the army of Zog, despite everything I’ve tried to tell you. I can’t help but admire and respect your determination and self discipline, your masculinity and your sense of honor. Of course I’m proud of you, it almost goes without saying, but the truth is, this country doesn’t deserve your sacrifice. You will not be fighting for the country you think you have, but for rich and evil men who profit upon things like poppy fields for the drug trade; soft-handed rich and evil men who think nothing of little boys who are raped and violated by people who are their so-called allies against other brown people who they call “terrorists.” You will be told that you are “nation building,” but really you shall be a cynical tool, used to make some country the Jews want to mess with unstable and filled on the one hand with war, and on the other with imported Western degeneracy and societal nihilism. Instead of fighting for your country, you’ll fight for a gay rainbow flag. Instead of protecting your people, you’ll be the boots on the ground for whatever regime change the plutocrats desire when the sneaky covert operations of the CIA aren’t doing the trick. I’m talking right now about Afghanistan, but it doesn’t matter because Third-World wars of the US to either prop up or tear down other people’s countries are all the same; you can simply replace the Afghan references with whomever the State Department and Israel want us to invade next. You don’t have a country anymore son, only a huge material strip mall, where your rights as a red blooded traditional American White man are crushed. This is a country where you are slotted for replacement by people who are not you. Where the only purpose the elites can find for your kind in “flyover country,” is to pay taxes to them if civilian, or to pay with your life if military. You’re dealing with a government elite that’s trying to square how they can train you enough to do their dirty work, but dreads the training that you’ll have if God-forbid you survive and return home to resume civilian life. You don’t yet see how much this country hates you, but rather you believe in your own good faith, that the flag stands for freedom, and that you still have a Bill of Rights that isn’t violated every day by either the US Government, or the corporations for which it serves. How is there going to be room in the future in this country if the system that just tore up Afghanistan now intends to give your homeland up to those same Afghans, because they tell you that you’re a nation of immigrants right? And whatever conflict and war is coming, you can rest assured knowing that the same people you shot at will now be sending their children to the same school as the children you plan to have. Never mind if they hate infidels. Never mind if they practice child marriage, or barbarism like the rape of little boys; things that we as a society once had the courage to call barbarism. Never mind if you and your family lose the safely of cultural homogeneity that is your birthright. The truth is, you get different outcomes from different people, this is true diversity. Moving Afghans to the US will only create Afghan circumstances. This United States Of America was founded and built by your ancestors son, it was supposed to go on to your descendants, White people, the only people capable of either creating or maintaining such a wonder under the sun as the US was, but you’re going off to fight for a country that probably hasn’t existed since the Civil War; to fight brown people for Israel, all to have those same brown people replace you in the land of your birth, by a government that if you survive it’s wars, is perfectly happy if you blow your brains out when you come home, -as so many vets do- just to save them all the inconvenience.

In the Bible, in second Samuel 12:4 we learn of the poor man’s lamb:

“And there came a traveler unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man’s lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.”

My son you are my lamb, and the US government that seeks to take you is the rich man. I’m a working class White man who works and pays his taxes and doesn’t break the law. I’m called evil for wanting a place for my children to live in peace. I’m told on the one hand that I owe reparations to one group, and on the other that I should take in as many other foreign groups as possible on my dime to replace me and patriarchal men like me. This nation is not a real “nation,” on top of all the taxation, on top of all the slander, on top of living in a country that hates the very people who work to maintain it; the government wants you, my son to serve and fight and possibly die for it. The same country that has only given me a Bill and called me evil wants to send my son (and others just like you) overseas for whatever bullshit they are trying to do. These wars are started by well paid men who long ago sold their souls, men who don’t labor, and who’s own children will never serve in the global messes they create.

We all have to die, and I believe that the soul of a man never dies. I respect honor, and I don’t have a problem with combat, or death in battle. It’s the endless false-justification, lies, and lack of justice on the part of this corrupt and wicked monster of a state, towards me, and working class White people like me, which is unacceptable.

I long to live under a state which doesn’t call me a terrorist for insisting on the second amendment I was born with, as an inheritance from my ancestors, while stomping on my first amendment rights, and saying my objection is a “threat to our democracy.” I want to live in a nation that is a nation, a blood and soil nation, that if it must fight wars, does so in defense of its people, not of Amazon, Walmart, and Blackrock. And finally son, I want a country for you, for the children you haven’t had yet, for your children to not be told that they’re evil, to not be taught to be gay, or to have to share your home with people who don’t share your values, who can’t because they have other values. I don’t want you to fight in a war against people who aren’t attacking us, all to have the same people flown over here after the war to take over the city park that your children are going to need one day.

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