In Good Faith

In good faith, I let my leaders lead me astray. I believed those in authority could be trusted to make decisions which took my own, my loved ones’, and my countrymens’ well-being into consideration. I believed that the purpose of a nation was to preserve and expand the quality and quantity of the lives of its people. I believed that justice would be served, undue harm avoided, logic and reason respected, and at the bare minimum, the people of that nation not being made victims in the only homeland they will ever know. I was mistaken.

In good faith, I “supported the troops” as they were sent off on a fool’s errand. The brave, valiant, honorable White Men, who any serious nation should treasure, would not be sent into harm’s way without undoubtable evidence and a sober reflection on the costs associated with war. Instead, our precious resource was sent off for two decades of fighting brown boogeymen as an aggressive foreign occupying force. The value of these White Men was taken for granted and was barely even considered before they were sent to die at the behest of jewish-backed propaganda. Our Men died to destabilize the region for Israel, and to fatten the pockets of Zionists. More veterans killed themselves than died in battle, they paid the ultimate sacrifice for “liberating the women of Afghanistan”, child sex-slaves, and “my freedoms”; or whatever laughable excuse we are told today. They died for a rainbow flag in a desert. Those who do not die, kill themselves, or have emotional or physical scarring are all too quickly put on watchlists and happily replaced by non-Whites and sexual degenerates. They “fought them there so we didn’t have to fight them here” just so our Commander-in-Chief could grant them millions of dollars in aid and welcome them in as refugees. The racial strangers we fought for our “freedoms” won, and so did the Zionists. I was mistaken.

In good faith, I “backed the thin blue line” as it was the only thing holding back the hordes of thugs and anarchist criminals. Surely “law and order” would be restored if there were violent bands of thugs burning down entire cities and innocent bystanders being attacked. Police would protect and serve us. Instead I watched my country burn for months as “law enforcement” took a knee and hoisted a fist. On the rare occasion when a White officer did attempt to intervene against a violent black committing a crime, it became socially acceptable to torch the city in response. The burden of securing the streets was dropped on the shoulders of White civilians who had to defend themselves and their communities, sometimes lethally, against feral blacks, race-traitor liberals, and jewish anarchists. In some instances they were crucified for even having the audacity to be armed and not let their neighborhoods be pillaged, in others they had the book thrown at them for clear cases of self-defense… All this while police officers licked the boots of BLM lesbians. The only reliable action from the police was their assault on the only people still foolishly respecting the badge; White patriots, as they attempted to do the job the officers lacked the spines to do. I was mistaken.

In good faith, I believed our elected officials would be cautious and considerate of who, where from, and how many foreigners we would accept into our Nation. The most fundamental aspect of a “people” being who is, and who is not part of them. Surely, something as basic as respecting your homeland’s borders and keeping it safe from terrorists, violent gangs, incompatible cultural and value systems, displacement of natives’ job prospects, and freeloaders would be standard, right? After all, our founding documents do mention “for us and our posterity” and do not seem to ever mention the “melting pot” I always heard about growing up. Sadly, becoming an American is easier than getting a Netflix account and has become as cheap. Unwashed hordes trek unhindered across our beautiful countryside, bringing crime, disease, and White displacement. 911 operators have an option “para espanol, prensa ocho” for our new American amigos, wasting valuable seconds. American history has become problematic to the sensitive ears of our foreign invaders, and needed to be altered and destroyed. As bad as it is, it would be better if the current regime just did nothing to preserve our boders, instead they actively send up signal flares for the smorgasbord that is our dying empire. “Uncodumented Americans” are being rounded up…. only to be given stimulus checks. Free food, housing, transportation, education, child care, medical care, dental, vision, entertainment stipends, job training, preferential hiring, and our brain-washed beautiful White women all to the detriment of our native White families. I was mistaken.

In good faith, I knew in my heart of hearts that all would be well as long as the children were protected. They are innocent and incapable of taking care of themselves, and it is incumbent upon our leaders and ourselves to see after them. We would leave adult topics to adults, and strive to achieve and maintain wholesomeness and purity in the minds of our youth. Rather, our precious little ones are exposed to extremely promiscuous, violent, and degenerate behavior from an early age. Drag queens at the local library, trans characters on every TV show, gay couples kissing in commercials, pride flags in the classrooms, sexual orientation instruction for second graders, gay scout masters, you get the picture. Absolute and vitriolic lies about the beautiful and observable differences between man and woman spewed at those with malleable minds and a blind trust for adults. Social media pushing scantily clad women and degenerate “influencers” skyrocketing to the trending page. Even offline, it’s hard to avoid the homosexual and hypersexual agenda when every magazine rack at the grocery store checkout lane pushes the same smut. That’s not remotely the worst. As a society, we treat literal pedophiles as a protected class. An open kid-diddler has more rights and virtue in our society than an outspoken patriot who believes in the sanctity of life, the nuclear family, and protecting our people… let that sink in. I was mistaken.

In good faith, I thought we were a serious nation. I no longer feel that way for the reasons listed above and including: anti-free speech laws, anti-gun laws, elected officials with dual citizenship, media influencing policy, the destruction of our environment, exporting our self-sufficiency, medical lockdowns, vaccine mandates, critical race theory in schools, and a multitude of other grievances. Sadly, there is no such place as a serious nation in today’s world. I was mistaken.


In good faith, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my blood brothers and cousins who descended from the TRUE cradle of life; Europe. We will heal hundred year old wounds between the North and South, burying the hatchet and lifting the banner. We will form a shield-wall in defense of our Aryan women and children. We will put our faith in each other during our people’s most dire hour of need. We will work collectively to re-forge the communities that previous generations were derelict in their duty of preserving. We will work tirelessly, never slacking, to strengthen ourselves and build up our brothers; for it is upon the shoulders of White Men the fate of our people will be decided. There is a noble, grand, and historic struggle being undertaken, and more shoulders are needed to bear the burden, White Man. Will you shirk the duty? You are needed. Do not be mistaken.

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