Kids and Emergency Use Authorization Don’t Mix

Who would allow their children to be part of a social experiment? What elite structure would consider experimenting on children? Well, in our world where medical doctors can prescribe gender bending hormones to pediatric patients, is it any surprise that the Covid vaccines are heading to an elementary school near you?

Discussions about morbidity and mortality this past year focused on adult populations with a notable lack of pediatric involvement (less than one out of every 1000 COVID19 deaths and less than 2% of hospitalizations were pediatric patients).

Yet the system’s narrative is clearly pushing vaccination of our children as a way to prevent spread of disease and potentially protect at risk individuals (who have had their chance to be vaccinated). It is likely that the FDA will approve pediatric Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines soon (if it hasn’t already happened by the time this article is published).

Getting back to the basics of medicine requires an evaluation of risks and benefits, and is desperately needed in this case. What are the potential benefits for vaccinating our children? Well with such low morbidity and mortality it’s difficult to move that needle any lower. So clearly a national effort to vaccinate the children is not for the children’s benefit to lower an already very low complication rate.

Is it so that the children don’t act as a reservoir from which they could potentially infect at-risk adults? Could little Jimmy catch Covid from his classmate despite using his mask and bring it home to infect Grandma? Well, those at risk adults like Grandma have had their chance to get the vaccine, so the narrative cannot claim that these vaccines with such high touted efficacy do not protect these adults, and therefore necessitate our country to vaccinate a suspected reservoir population. And speaking of reservoir populations -what about the unvaccinated immigrants pouring in over our borders? We used to deny entry to people at the border with suspicion of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, but not even the feared COVID19 pandemic can slow the capitalists’ insatiable hunger for cheap labor. So clearly an unvaccinated reservoir population doesn’t actually or always necessitate the narrative moving towards vaccination.

What about potential risks of the vaccines in a pediatric population? Kids were not included in any of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex (PIC) sponsored literature supporting these vaccines initially. So ultimately we don’t know the full extent of the risks (and my personal opinion is that we don’t know the full risks of these vaccines for adults yet either despite PIC sponsored literature suggesting otherwise). But what little we do know shows some number of cardiac complications in pediatric patients when receiving these vaccines. It may be higher with the Moderna vaccine, which led the Nordic countries to switch to Pfizer instead, however, ultimately even these complications are still only what PIC supported literature is reporting, and is still well within the fog of medicine timeline.

Will our system back off and pull back? No way. The new narrative being pushed for “Why children need vaccines despite these known cardiac complications” is that these children would have MORE cardiac complications with Covid illness versus the vaccines. Therefore any number of cardiac complications are acceptable as long as this number is less than the projected number of complications from Covid.

This risk calculation is absurd and would be ridiculed if we lived in a sane society. Would it be acceptable if we knew that the influenza vaccine killed 90,000 adults while influenza illness killed 100,000 adults? Of course not! Can you imagine accepting any number of pediatric complications when the disease itself barely shows up as a blip on the narrative’s graphs? Such a vaccine would not be approved. And to say that the vaccine only hurts just a few less than the illness would ordinarily put those PIC CEOs in jail.

We must clearly define this risk benefit analysis when we as parents make our voices heard. The narrative will never accept these rational discussions, but other parents must hear these arguments. Wake up and organize.

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