Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS – Leon Degrelle

“As tensions mounted in 1939, Degrelle sought to counter the drift into another cataclysmic conflict. In September Britain and France declared war on Germany. Events were to quickly prove that the leaders in London and Paris had badly miscalculated. Within a year the swastika flag flew from the North Pole to the shores of Greece and the border with Spain. As war continued between Britain and Germany, the Soviet leaders prepared to seize the opportunity and strike westwards. But Hitler beat them to it. On June 22, 1941, German and allied forces struck against the Soviet Union. It was soon clear to everyone that the titanic struggle could end only in victory for either Hitler or Stalin.”

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All Rats Must Swim

In the 1950s, a Johns Hopkins professor named Curt Richter conducted an experiment on the power of hope: He would place rats into small pools and force them to tread water.
This experiment demonstrated the willingness for a creature to survive based on the fact that it could maintain hope.
What we can infer from this experiment beyond what was explicitly stated in the findings is how hope can be used as a tool by those in power who are capable of inspiring hope among their constituents without ever actually allowing for salvation.

Just keep swimming.

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