Speech From a Brotherhood Conference, 2021

We are gathered here today for fellowship and comradery, and to build those most foundational bonds of fraternity:  face-to-face, IRL companionship.  We do this in the form of social interaction, training, competition, and the breaking of bread.  From these bonds, we begin to build trust and grow faith in one another.  We also work to forge our future.  And what is that future?  Is it a safety net to preserve our wishes, our ideals?  Is it a network of like-minded men to analyze the problems of our day and discuss potential solutions?  Is it a means to gather together and pine over days gone by?  Or is our future forged in the fires of struggle by men who stood on principle and did something?  Are we men of word, a subset of the chattering masses?  Or are we men who take meaningful action?

Our brotherhood is blessed with the high quality and growing quantity of our membership.  We have men from a variety of professions, backgrounds, experiences, religious beliefs, general worldviews, geographic areas, and age demographics.  Many of our brethren can wax eloquently about the esoteric aspects of ideology, faith, and any number of other topics.  I do not want to repeat them; instead, I want to go in another direction.  I want to talk to you about something no brotherhood can do without.  I want to talk to you about ourselves, the men who form the flesh and blood, the core, of our brotherhood.  Before we get to that point, we have to ask ourselves some very serious and pointed questions about who we were before, who we are now, and who we must become in the times ahead.

Who are we?  We are men, are we not?  We are American men of European descent.  We are descendants of the great race of old, the inheritors of all they accomplished and all the people they conquered to carve out the civilization we have now.  Our forebears shone light into the darkness.  They evolved and organized from individuals and small family units into bands of hunters and gatherers.  They wandered the tundra and lived off that land.  They transformed their small bands of a few families into clans and tribes.  They made tools and domesticated animals to enhance their chances of survival, the survival of their people, their race.  They matured from tribes into nations and states.  They were the great thinkers, builders, inventors, and conquerors.  Their lives meant something.  They were the creators of the great civilizations of history.

Our ancestors were men of the Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Slavic, and Baltic tribes who migrated and settled our ancient homeland.  They were also citizens of the great civilizations of the Hellenic and Roman worlds.  They were the empire builders – the Portuguese, the Spaniards, the British, the Dutch, the French, and so many more.  They were the great explorers, seeking out new lands to settle.  They were the great thinkers, developing the Ages of Reason and Enlightenment.  They were the great inventors, bringing us from the dark into the light, the primitive to the industrial and technological and digital.  They were the forgers of destiny.

And what have we done with their legacy?  We have squandered it.  We have become lazy and decadent.  We have allowed others to work for our benefit, making life less about worth and more about luxury.  We have no one to blame but ourselves.  The fault does not lie with the Black or the Hispanic or the Asian or the Jew.  They may conspire against us but they are not to blame.  We own the blame because we have allowed them their positions of power and influence in our society, our once-great civilization.  In this way, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  We have allowed them to reshape our civilization into something so foreign and shameful that we now find ourselves the barbarians in our own society.  And we deserve it, for we have allowed it.  We remain the majority but we are timid and weak.  We allow minorities to rule us… and we thank them as we bow and scrape to provide for our families, our communities, and our people.  This is who we have become.

Brothers, this will not stand.  We must rise above our present selves and become something so much more, something historic, something barbaric, something primal.  We must become our ancestors.  We must return to tradition, return to noble and virtuous lives, return to ancient codes that shaped the men who forged great civilizations.  We cannot fix what is broken; it is too far gone.  We must build for the future, rebuild what was lost.  And to do that, we must become our earlier selves.  With vision and fortitude and action, we can – and will – build a better world in which we will return to being masters of ourselves.  Our destiny is in our hands.

To achieve our goals, we must look to ourselves.  Who are we?  We are warriors in the struggle for our lives, our survival.  What do we believe?  We believe in blood, the blood of our ancestors which flows through our veins, giving us life and imbuing within us the drive to be greater than what we think possible.  We believe in soil, for we are tied to the land, one with nature and the world around us.  We believe in honor, that a man’s word is his bond and the bonds between men form the foundation of society.  We believe in community, our fellow man, for from community comes strength and from strength comes power.  We believe in commitment, of man to woman and woman to man, of brother to brother, of people to one another.

What will we risk by doing nothing?  By grasping onto the false gods of safety and security, we risk little on a personal level but we risk much as a nation of white men.  We risk it all for the chance at personal safety and security.  What a disgrace, what a dishonor we would do to our brothers.  I would ask you a different question:  what will we risk by doing something?  On the one hand, we might risk our reputation in the greater society.  But since this current society is ours, what does that matter?  On the other hand, we might risk our livelihood, our freedom, or our lives.  But what do we gain by risking it all?  We gain our honor, our dignity, and our nation.  We gain our people.  We gain immortality as our stories are told.  We gain love – from our families and our communities.  This is what we gain by risking all.  What do we gain by doing nothing?

We risk losing it all, never to rise again.  Many a myth or folkloric tale rings the same or a similar bell.  They tell the tale of decay and destruction of a once-powerful and righteous people.  They are destroyed or nearly so due to their own hubris, for forgetting their past, or from losing sight of what is important.  They describe the emergence of a hero or heroine who rises to the challenge, shoulders the burden, and serves as an example from which the people rise from the ashes like a phoenix.  Ash Donaldson does this masterfully in his trilogy about the myths of the sons of Arius.  In Blut and Boden, he says, “To have a homeland, a place where you belong, only to lose it might be worse than never having a home in the first place.  But we should always have hope, as long as we remember how special our people are.  For we also carry our home with us, in our blood.  And wherever we go, our blood mixes with the soil as we labor and fight for it.”  Let that sink in, brothers.

The message in his books is clear and bold, and it remains the same from book to book:  be proud of your descent, and strive to emulate the great deeds of our ancestors.  In A Race for the North, he says, “It is a message that could be justly addressed to any nation, any people of the world.  But in the present day, it is denied to children of European descent.  They are told, often subconsciously but sometimes quite directly, that their heritage, and theirs alone, is something to be ashamed of.  At the same time, they are given to understand that their identity doesn’t exist.  There is a blankness there, an emptiness where a people’s soul should be, and as they grow older, many of our Folk end up filling that vacuum with self-destructive behavior.”  Does this not sound familiar?

The parallels in his tales and our present world are uncanny, for we are seeing his words in action every day.  Our people can overcome almost anything, but one thing it cannot survive is the replacement of its own people.  We are facing our racial apocalypse, brothers, and I identify the four horsemen thusly.  The Yellow Man brings upon us a pestilence, a sickness for our people.  He needs our resources and our labor, and he seeks to own them both or destroy them.  The Brown Man brings us famine as he takes our jobs and works our land, providing for his own at the expense of ours.  The Black Man brings us death by violence in our streets, rapes of our women, and destruction of our cities.  He demonstrates his savage nature, taking from us and wanting more, death and destruction in his wake.  The Hook-nosed Man brings us war in foreign lands.  He attracts our sons with his lies and we believe him.  We are the fodder for his war machine, bent to do his bidding.  But these four horsemen do not work alone.  They work with the White Man who is willfully ignorant or ignorantly willful, turning his back on his own people to serve foreign masters and enable foreign invaders.  He is the worst of the lot, for he is us.  He lives among us, works with us, interacts with us, lies to our face while undermining our hard work at every turn.

We are in an age where men have hung their heads in shame and have scoffed at the legends of old.  We have doubted the honorable old tales yet have believed the lies told of our ancestors’ evil.  But all is not lost for we are awakening.  In an age where men act like women and women act like men, a few have taken notice and said, “ENOUGH!”  A few have recognized the true nature of our surroundings and have come alive.  For it is a time of Awakening, an awakening of the Self, and an awakening of the Blood.  We are sheep no longer.  We are the wolf.  And we have returned.  Our task is daunting but you are worthy of the cause.  Fight against the things that weaken your will, keep you enslaved, and make you less than you are.  Overcome these things to become who you were meant to be for once that personal war is over, we will face another war for our people, but we will face it together.  We must stand and fight, and awaken those who remain asleep.  We must bear the burden for our people, for that is our destiny.  We are The Männerbund!

I want to close with a short poem by a man who does not write poetry; this is his first foray into that world.  Let it resonate with you as it does with me.  This is called The Lamentation of the White Warrior:

Oh brother, my brother…can you not see

          How they treat our people, how they view you and me?

          We are made to feel sorry for the sins of the past

          Yet who else could have made a civilization to last?

Oh brother, my brother…can you not hear

          What they say about our people, from far and from near?

          First in whispers, then in print, and now online

          They want to make theirs what is yours and what is mine.

Oh brother, my brother…can you not feel

          The weight on your neck, from that coward’s boot heel?

          He uses many proxies to do his dirty work

          Useful idiots and pawns yet from it they do not shirk.

Oh brother, my brother…do you not recognize

          The things they say about us, their evil, wicked lies?

          Without rest or letup, they never give us pause

          If only to project their own character flaws.

Oh brother, my brother…do you not believe

          The traps that they set, the tales that they weave?

          They have used our language to create their dirty fiction

          But no matter the narrative we know their predilection.

Oh brother, my brother…will you not act

          Our blood is our bond, and from it our pact?

          Divided we shall fall and this we must not do

We must unite and act, we – me and you.

Oh brother, my brother…will you not serve?

          Gird your loins, sir, do not lose your nerve.

          This fight may seem desperate but it is not lost

          We must fight for our own no matter the cost.

Oh brother, my brother…will you not lead?

          Our people need help, we are all in need.

          We must fight to survive and so we must not pause

          So rise to the challenge, is there a nobler cause?

Remember this lamentation, brothers.  Let it serve as a reminder that the struggle has only just begun.  The fight for our people that has long been simmering under the surface will soon boil over into the light of day.  Steel yourself for this overt struggle, but always remember that the struggle will be long and difficult, and wrought with success as well as failure, joy as well as sorrow.  And once we or our successors achieve that final victory, the struggle will continue, must continue, so we and the generations to come can hold on to what we will have so expensively won.  So, close your chattering mouth, put down your scribbling pen, and act.  Prepare yourselves, gird your loins, and take action.  If you are not called to lead, then follow.  If you are called to lead, then get out front and do so.  The time for cheap talk is over.  The time for meaningful action is upon us.  What will you do?  Will you answer the call?

Strength and honor.  Race first, brothers always.

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