All Rats Must Swim

In the 1950s, a Johns Hopkins professor named Curt Richter conducted an experiment on the power of hope: He would place rats into small pools and force them to tread water. With no conceivable way out, and even though rats are incredible swimmers, they would each eventually submit to their hopeless situations, and drown.

One set of rats were domesticated; they would explore the extent of their newfound environment. They would dive under the water and to the bottom of the container, exploring the extent of their surroundings. A few of them would die a few short minutes after being placed in the water. Others would survive for days.

A second set of rats, all wild, were put into the same situation. Their ferocity and aggressiveness surprisingly did not help them, as they all died within minutes of being forced to swim with no escape. Mindset is clearly a powerful factor when thrust into a life or death situation. We could break down the differences in mentality between domesticated and wild creatures, but let’s move on.

With that data in hand, the true experiment began: Richter gathered a third set of similar rats and reconstructed the same scenario. But this time, just as the rats were showing signs of surrender to their hopeless situation, Richter rescued them from their plight and allowed them time to rest. He then placed them back into the water to repeat the experiment. After this brief respite, the entire batch of rats then went on to tread water for days. They swam and swam, thinking their inevitable rescue would again be soon at hand. This last batch would all eventually drown, a sad conclusion to a morbid experiment.

I will spare you a motivational speech on hope that Richter’s rats might conjure. Instead, let us apply these lessons to the political world today. This “power of hope” exhibited by rats can surely be applied toward humans. While “giving up” does not necessarily equate to drowning in human psyche and behaviour, it does mean that we as ‘test subjects’ might cease participating in a fruitless endeavour, reach new conclusions, change direction, or take drastic action.

But, as we are acutely aware, our own people can be quite stubborn when it comes to accepting the stark reality of our times.

Let us first examine the prime example of this: QAnon. Born from obscure, schizophrenic 8chan posts during the fracturing of the Trump voter base as early as 2017, QAnon enraptured millions of Trump supporters both during and after his time in office. At first, Q was playing damage control for the ineptitude of the President and an administration which seemed to have their hands tied (even with control of all three branches of government before the 2018 mid-terms) by the full-spectrum dominance (or “Resistance”) of the Left. Reading like a Tom Clancy spy novel, Q assured his growing throngs of confused and frustrated followers that justice, vengeance, and – most critically – ACTION! against the Deep State was forthcoming by true patriots like themselves in deep cover. All they had to do was sit around and enjoy the show.

QAnon sprung sprung forth as the Alt-Right was gaining momentum via relatively free social media access, and real-life rallies and assemblies which were antithetical to the goals of our ruling class. When an organic, grassroots dissident movement like the AR started winning hearts and minds at an incredible pace, Q was the red herring to lead millions of White middle Americans astray. Q kept people within the realm of system-acceptable political belief while allowing the average Trump voter a hint of our elite’s dirty secrets. For many, Q’s emphasis on paedophiles and human trafficking confirmed what they had already suspected. Confirmation bias is powerful. But for many others uninitiated in the depravities of the current year, gaining forbidden knowledge of an ancient death cult made them go mad with curiosity and rage. Q exploded onto the scene, stealing air from the Alt-Right’s sails, condemning our faction, and herding its adherents into the pen of system-created and system-approved dissent.

This effectively became another off-ramp for potentially radical political energy of the masses of the populist right.

Instead of holding Trump’s feet to the fire, challenging the establishment and its elected puppets, or engaging in more open confrontation in the streets, courts, and school board meetings; the Q psy-op explained away his failures and inaction with a cryptic post every other week which promised victory was just around the corner. Trump’s obvious defeats were Jew-jitsued into secret victories that only those privy to QAnon scoops were in on. “Two more weeks!”, “The Storm is Coming!” and “Sealed Indictments!” replaced “Drain the Swamp!”, “Make America Great Again,” and “Build the Wall!” All of those slogans proved to be nothing but boob bait for millions of bubbas.

In short, Q redirected an immense level of populist energy into a bumper sticker cult.

“Two more weeks” has subsequently become the waning battle cry of the patriot-who-cried-revolution, even long after Biden’s inauguration! Post after post, Q promised action in just two more weeks! Think: Hold on just a little longer! Keep swimming! It has been mocked endlessly, and yet the fruitless Q still holds an immense grasp on the identity of a sizable, albeit finally shrinking, faction of Trump’s supporters. Organic populism was rerouted from political activism, and reinvested into false hope. And to be fair, it still almost got Trump over the finish line in 2020.

The stubborn, Q-fueled hope defies all logic, especially considering the countless betrayals and let-downs Trump delivered to his supporters over four years. The fraudulent American Caesar did not cross any Rubicon, take up the banner of the working class who bled in the streets for him, put up any significant resistance to the brazen demographic assault the United States is suffering, and perhaps most shamefully, he did not pardon any of his faithful supporters who he himself incited to protest at the Capitol, and who are now languishing in new gulags and abused as White domestic terrorists.

The sad reality is that for still many millions of these people, all they have are the hopes that Trump will return on a white horse to thwart the deep state which has continued to grow ever more bold and tyrannical in 2021. The system will not allow a true populist movement to enter the political battleground and threaten its dominion. And sure enough, right on schedule, Sheldon Adelson’s billionaire Israeli widow is re-emerging from grief to hold court with 2022 mid-term candidates and 2024 presidential hopefuls, and play kingmaker. Our people have been sold a power fantasy of political rapture by a one-letter internet phantom.

There are sadly more examples of this phenomenon in our society today.

Take the ridiculously drawn out COVID-19 pandemic exploited by nearly every Western government to humiliate and control the masses. An atypical virus, and possible bioweapon, spread all over the world, and proclamations of its deadliness spread fear as fast as the virus itself propagated. At first, social distancing, face masks, and a two-week quarantine were going to be enough to “stop the spread” and “flatten the curve.”

Nearly two years later, this perpetrated global psychosis has weaponized our national systems into denying access to schools, sports, travel, and even jobs as punishment for anyone refusing to bend the knee to multiple doses of an experimental, gene-altering serum developed by the same people who told us that flooding the nation with Oxycontin was a good idea.

For a majority of Americans, quarantines were not much of a sacrifice to “flatten the curve.” Just two more weeks and we’ll be back to normal!  Now we have a church of science that has the full authority to excommunicate you from social media, the supermarket, and your future.

What about the small businesses and jobless families wrecked by the lockdowns, while big businesses raked in incredible profits? There’s no time to think about that, we must keep swimming!

What of the long-term data on these rushed, so-called vaccines? Why are so many people still contracting the virus after being “vaccinated”? Why the hell do we need a third booster shot now if people are still getting the virus after taking the other two? There’s no luxury to argue about it; trust the science!

What are the implications of our government issuing all manner of mandates forcing people to forfeit their bodily autonomy? Why aren’t these measures being exercised on those walking through our wide-open borders in a so-called pandemic? NOTHING A SWIMMER NEEDS TO WORRY ABOUT!

How many of the science trusters put on the triple masks when that was memed into the newsfeed months ago? How many of those people remember one of the CDC’s many backtracks at one point indicated against masks? How many are eagerly awaiting their third shot? Fourth? Fifth? How many shots to stay afloat? How many more restrictions to daily life to keep up with this grand charade?

To say there is much to talk about amidst these neoliberal fever swamps would be an understatement, but what of the average Joe sucked up in this maelstrom of muddied statistics and plague propaganda? What of the working class man threatened with the loss of his income due to these overreaching vaccine mandates?  Under duress, he must swim to feed his family… or else. The “else” in this situation is something akin to an Australian policeman strangling your wife on a public sidewalk without a mask “for her health and safety.”


How many willfully signed over their own immune systems to become big pharma’s lab rats? I’ve seen Trump diehards get the vaccine to simply not have to wear a mask at work; now they’re wondering why they even did it in the first place. I’ve seen families split apart and excommunicate loved ones over vaccine status; even if one party is fully vaccinated they will still choose to avoid others simply out of fear. Many simply got it so they could go to bars, concerts, or other forms of empty revelry. Anything to get out of the water.

Then there are those who have been trying to live life normally outside of this experiment, opting to forfeit the endeavor altogether. Think of the wild rat that drowned within a few short minutes – the undomesticated type. Those who have come to have an almost instinctive distrust of our government have been the target of an increasingly tyrannical media state that is suddenly suspiciously invested in their health – as they plot to make their lives even more of a living hell for noncompliance.

Look at how hard we’re all having to tread water, because the majority of the population did as they were told thinking they’d be rewarded with going back to normal. With fully vaxxed populations still getting sick, and draconian crackdowns still looming across the West, you’d have to be insane to deny that the whole ordeal stinks to high heaven. Yet here we are: A major talking point is you have to get your vaccine or else mine doesn’t work.

I guess this is what happens when you trust your healthcare to institutions which state that men can become pregnant, and children should be able to chemically castrate themselves. Television replaced our own ability to use logic and reason.

A lot of the rats are still determined to tread water in this shit-test because they still think they’re getting rescued from this situation, and those who are fully invested in the hope that they’ll be saved have become incredibly hostile to the others who refuse to go along.

It appears hope can become a tool of enforcement and conformity as well, rather than simply a carrot on a stick.

Our ruling classes have weaponized not only the health care industry, but the idea of a Rapture as well. Your salvation is just one shot away! Probably! We aren’t really sure yet.

Another embattled faction trying to tread water in this postmodern mess is the Wallstreet Bets types, and the millions of individual investors who have dubbed themselves “apes” almost a year into a rollercoaster war with lawless hedge funds, corrupt market makers, and an utterly useless SEC in a market that is obviously anything but free.

Many companies have been done under over the years by short sellers taking advantage of a market rigged in their favor. Add the hysteria of a pandemic and the volatility that it brings, and hedge fund vultures circle their prey in hopes of easy, untold profits at the expense of American business and the lives of those they employ. Congress-critters get the inside scoop, profit, and move on as the economic integrity of the country gets tossed into a woodchipper.

The looting phase of the collapse is on full display.

Millions of retail investors bought in, many of whom had recently lost their employment and income due to pandemic situations, and the headlines lit up with news of utterly random stocks like Gamestop or AMC Theaters abruptly skyrocketing in price from extremely low points due to extreme short positions and excessive naked shorting.

Some made out quite well, especially in Gamestop’s case. AMC’s stock price would pop off a few months later to similar effect. But far more have HODL’ed on for one simple fact: the shorts have not covered.

And until they do, they will make these financial parasites bleed. This is war.

Those short on these meme stocks would be all but guaranteed untold earnings if not for millions of people suddenly free from the burden of their monotonous jobs to look into alternative options for financial advancement because of quarantines or layoffs. These hedge funds were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and the pages on pages on pages of due diligence data meticulously delved into and reported on by various individual investors revealed post by arduous post the extent of the naked shorting going on in the market. The information spread like wildfire across social media and various news outlets. Throw in a few stimulus checks with a lot of desperate people, and we got a nice recipe for a major short squeeze action.

Both stocks now have legions of investors in a very high stakes game of chicken with big fish investment institutions and hedge funds that have no other option but to continue to short the stocks even further. Yes, that’s right, even though these stocks have skyrocketed, they are still shorting them. They could have covered in the single digits. It is a slap in the face to anyone paying attention to the market data, but it is fuel for the apes now in this nearly year-long battle. Some of these people who were financially devastated in 2008 are out to make the fat-cats pay, vowing never to sell until it is life changing for them to do so. The more these stocks get shorted, the more the retail apes buy and hold. It is a simple strategy for simple people, people who have been utterly left behind in this pay check to pay check economy and its cruel gods of debt.

But if this were a free and fair market, the “mother of all squeezes” would most likely have popped off by now. Week by week, these investors must endure a wilfully blind SEC, demoralization campaigns, and all the tricks being pulled by these market makers in an ever brazen attempt to keep the rules from affecting the shorts. Much like how Gamergate exposed the inner corruption and sheer rot of contemporary journalism, this expensive episode has revealed the inner connections of the finance and debt industry.

How much money do these institutions actually have to bleed? These hedgefunds have lost billions of dollars, some have closed up shop, yet the bigger fish continue to short. How much wealth do these parasites actually siphon off our economy? Why won’t anyone do anything?

As a whole, the leadership of this country refuses to acknowledge the economic straits the average person endures while constantly hum-drumming on about our great American values™!  It seems to get sick pleasure from the endless sprinting on the monetary hamster wheel we all cannot escape from. It siphons our energy like some cruel ritual and feeds that vigor back into perpetuating this horrible system of Neofeudalism we all are being forced into.

How badly do you want to escape the time clock forever, slave? How badly do you need a home for your family? Surgery for a loved one? SWIM!

Many of these people are struggling working class, but they have complete faith that holding long will bear them fortunes that can not only bail them out of their current financial struggles from the pandemic, but will grant them financial freedom from an increasingly bleak future toiling for low wages until they die ingloriously… nothing more than a serf. That is why the apes are all-or-nothing in this financial war.

Ask yourself: Could this system allow these millions of retail investors to win big on this painfully drawn out game of financial chicken? Could this system that negates populism at all costs allow these average people the financial ability to compete with either corporate or establishment power? No. A system designed to only placate the frothing masses with feel good rhetoric and hollow gestures could not withstand anything close to a level playing field.

It appears there can only be one direction of wealth transfers in this country, the integrity of the market be damned.

Growing frustrations with the SEC within this community are coming to a boil. Look at Gary Gensler, current head of the SEC. Does that even look like someone who has any interest in market accountability? Then you have the likes of Janet Yellen, who keeps telling Congress to raise the debt ceiling (what else is there to do in this debt-based economy?). Wouldn’t the incredible amount of taxes collected from these short squeezes help immensely with our national debt? Well, with Yellen receiving millions in compensation for “speaking fees” from the very same hedge funds that have turned the stock market into their own treasure chests, what can you expect? Even the Federal Reserve Chairmen were insider trading.

Clearly this administration’s appointed puppets aren’t the ones who created this problem, but merely the most recent crew manning this sinking ship full of holes they refuse to plug. They have their own life boats, why would they care if the main vessel sank? The further it can take them towards their destination before it goes under, the better.

For the average investor, there is a presumption that the market is regulated and kept in check for its own sanctity. With such a thing where people’s life savings are being thrown around, trust and transparency needs to be the prime concern. If people knew it was rigged in such a way from the start, why bother investing? Hopes that the feds will actually do something about the egregious naked shorting are just that – hopes.

Embattled retail investors can point out dark pool abuse, payment for order flow abuse,  and the price manipulation which comes with those issues all they want, for the umpteenth time, on whatever subreddit they frequent, but at the end of the day, they have no ability to bring accountability to the market themselves. They cannot trigger the margin calls themselves… They have no choice but to swim.

Occupy Wall Street had the right idea, a shame it was co-opted. But did anyone ever suffer major consequences for the market crash in 2008? How many lives were completely ruined and devastated at the hands of the suits on Wall Street? What about when Robinhood removed the “buy” button for these hot stocks last January? What was their punishment?

Not a damn thing. But do keep swimming though, you have bills to pay. Don’t ever think about stopping. In fact, even for attempting to wage financial war on the people who have amassed incredible wealth bankrupting struggling companies, they’ve even floated out the idea of “unrealized gains tax” just to twist that gilded knife in your gut even more.

One simple truth remains at the end of all this:  we have outsourced our own right to self determination to third parties. Hostile third parties.

What happened to the days when people would take destiny into their own hands, and act? It is uncertain for how much longer people will retain faith in these morally bankrupt institutions, or the long abandoned ideals our modern states are built upon, as each of the crumbling pillars to this decaying society must remain standing, or else the whole thing falls apart.

To quote our brother Apache: “We enemies of the State must unlearn what we’ve been taught throughout most of our lives. We cannot continue to rely on various third parties’ permission to exist. We must prioritize our own tribe above all else. This involves abandoning System-backed software (and institutions). We need to build our own societies, parallel to the dysgenic hellholes most of us find ourselves in. This effort includes handling our own means of communication just as much as it includes growing/producing good food, being knowledgeable and useful, and striking the enemy where it hurts them the most.”

How much longer will people swim on in the democracy experiment when they realize voting does not change the direction our countries continue to go on?

What draconian law will it take to get people to realize this is not about going back to normal?

When will our people say “Enough!“?

Until that day, we must re-forge our tribes, strengthen our communal bonds, and build anew as the old falls all around us.

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