The Waukesha Massacre

If a unit is not fighting for itself, it is fighting against itself.

– Francis Parker Yockey 

    We as Whites must advocate for ourselves because no one else will do it for us. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What we witnessed in Waukesha last night is what happens in a world where Whites on the whole do not advocate for themselves. Waukesha is just one instance of a general problem: Whites are under attack. These attacks are daily and they are not accidental. These attacks are deliberately heinous and reprehensible. These attacks are designed to demoralize you and make you despondent. The enemy wants you to give up the fight before you even leave your chair. But this is not us. We are a people in possession of an unstoppable will; the soul of our people is suffused with courage, doggedness, and heroism. 

    For almost a century, the soul of our culture has been suppressed. Furthermore, our opposition has not only tried to suppress the soul of our culture, but also to corrupt it. Our opposition has attempted to take our honorable virtues and replace them with despicable vices. But they have outright failed. Deep in our souls, we know that these virtues are still present. The enemy has only succeeded in making these virtues dormant. But dormant is not dead – something dormant can be reawakened. As the bear awakens from his long hibernation, so awakens the Culture-Soul of the White Race. We are faced with an incorrigible evil, and that must be the catalyst for our rejuvenation. 

    As has been particularly apparent in the aftermath of the Waukesha massacre, we as Whites are the only people who can truly advocate for ourselves. Leftist media ebulliently gloats over the deaths of innocent White children. Conservative media, at best, is completely apathetic to the situation. We cannot vote ourselves out of our current dilemma. If we as Whites do not advocate for ourselves, we are advocating against ourselves. It is not enough to be apathetic to the situation and wait for others to come along to speak for us. We must be active in our personal lives in standing up for Whites. These do not have to be large demonstrations in the public square; our path to victory is a humble one marked by consistent advocation for our people on a small scale. Through this strategy, we will awaken the White Racial Spirit gradually, and then all at once. 

    We are not atomized individuals who are enslaved to our own motivations; we possess a greater duty to the super-personal entity that is the White Race. Every day, White parents are burying their children at the cost of our apathy towards our collective. This must be no more. Do not let the enemy claim an effortless win by conceding defeat before the struggle has truly begun. Our opposition is morally reprehensible, and we are obligated to stand against them. If we are not the proponents of our race, we are the opponents of our race.

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