Thanksgiving Dinner

So it’s Thanksgiving and some of your family members haven’t spoken to you since you had the fight with your cousin over your “troubling, hate filled views.” Maybe Your sister-in-law and you got into it on Facebook two years ago, back when you were still on social media.
Or perhaps your own wife is worried, and the debates are numerous over how she’s concerned by your “Nazi beliefs,” and doesn’t want “that kind of talk” around the children. Maybe your dad has taken you aside and said, “I don’t agree with a lot of what you said, you’re right about some of it, it’s just that you always have to make it about race.” “Can you please just keep it to yourself because it’s Thanksgiving, and your sister Connie doesn’t see things your way, can we please just have a peaceful Thanksgiving?” You might have even shaken your Dad’s hand, and given him your word to not go there, into the troubled world of conflicting understandings of reality, and to just enjoy the turkey and your family; only to be attacked, waylaid, and slandered by that same sister until you can take no more.
Fear not, because the truth is on your side, but know that other people in your family can’t go there with you yet. You can take more, you are able to take more, it’s all in the decision you made with yourself before you came in the the front door of your parents house. You can be the one to ignore and let slide the wrongheaded one-sidedness, even though it’s hard; you’ve already been holding back all the time at work anyway, and everywhere else you have to be, you should be used to it by now. It’s a process to not fire both rhetorical barrels at this family member who obviously wants to argue with you. After all, they do all know you, the real you, and you’re relaxed and perhaps have had a few, and it is tedious to always hide your views but you can do it; you can be the one to keep the peace. Do it for your grandma or your dad, or for the cause of harmony at the table. You don’t have to argue with your family at Thanksgiving.

Don’t get mad, keep your cool, let your sister or whoever the leftist is in your situation show themselves to be the unhinged ball of feminist emotive confetti that they’ve always been, and keep under your hat the calm knowledge that they would be much happier if they were getting ready to give birth to their third child, with their smiling husband carrying the first two through the door to their grandparents, instead of showing off their new tattoos, and working on year three of their degree in Gender studies. Enjoy the boomers in your life for who they are, instead of who they can’t yet be, talk about the things you have in common and accentuate your common interests and beliefs.

You may have to lose some friends. It really is abysmal, but people go in and out of your life, and it’s hard to maintain friendships with people of different political beliefs. Family can be especially tricky because they’re your relatives and not as easy to completely move on from, although it happens. Try your best to not let it. Our enemies want to destroy our families anyway. It’s hard to have disharmony in your family and it brings heartache to have division. Try not to bring contentious matters up, let them draw first blood, but never, ever, back down. Refuse to apologize for being White, while simultaneously refusing to engage in bickering. It’s a fine line, but it is one you can walk. Demonstrate in your manner and countenance how everything your embittered family members like is White, from the cars they drive, to rule of law, to the things they naturally prefer, like the turkey dinner you’re all having, but demonstrate these things by exemplifying them, rather than getting points across in an argument, which rarely bares fruit.

Stand firm; knowing that you’re the vanguard, the cutting edge of what many are already thinking, but few will admit; that this country is not working, that it hasn’t worked for a long time. That we’ve gone horribly wrong to the place where there is no longer “we” in the sense of a united national consciousness or a cohesive people. Your boomer uncle may sense this, you can lead him to better sources for information than Fox News and Q are giving him. If it’s your wife you’re arguing with, show her kindness and patience without condescension; love her, and show her though action the positive changes in your personal life and the righteousness of your cause, because your cause is her safety, your righteousness is that of seeing your children defended from a world that seeks their destruction. Ignore the snide comments from your cult/Marx sister, suffer the false smirk of smug condescension to remain unanswered, because as soon as you go there with her it will be war, and never mind who’s right, you don’t want to leave grandma crying when it goes too far and everyone storms off from the table leaving her with the food she made and more messes than one to clean up.

This Thanksgiving, give thanks that your here, you’re a man, and you can lead your people through these difficult days. You’ve already found out, the global Jew can no longer fool you, and you’re getting stronger every day right? If not, then work on that, work out more, read more, do more for your family, and your real nation, which are White people world-wide. Your people invented this whole country, and there is no America without you, much less being thankful to God that you have your family still, you love them, they’re all in this place to enjoy this dinner together and every sort of good thing is exemplified in the coziness and warmth of this Thanksgiving holiday. You can’t change most people anyway. People have their minds made up on opinions they have, and you can only change most of them if at all by being the change you want to see. Be a good provider, and bring home the bacon so your woman feels secure and safe. Be in shape. Make yourself be your own example, a fortress against the direction of this corrupt world, and you’ll be surprised by the way people in your family will start to look to you for leadership as the societal breakdown becomes more and more obvious.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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