Kids and Emergency Use Authorization Don’t Mix

When considering vaccination mandates, efficacy of the vaccine, and risk vs benefit analysis; one would assume that the safety of our young ones should be the paramount factor considered in our deliberations.
Is that how this element of mass-vaccination is being treated?
I’m not convinced that it is.

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The Poor Man’s Lamb

A piece I wrote for my son; a future soldier of the U.S. Marine Corps.

“When I think of you a million thoughts come to my heart first, and then my head in remembrance; I remember you in diapers and one-piece zip-up footie jammies, and I adored every hair upon your one-year-old head. Becoming your father was humbling, because before you I never knew what love was, in the sense that I’d loved people before, but not in this new all-consuming, oceanic way. There’s just something about the flesh of your own flesh, and the bone of your bones -to love someone far more than I do myself is both astonishing and electric.”

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