The Poor Man’s Lamb

A piece I wrote for my son; a future soldier of the U.S. Marine Corps.

“When I think of you a million thoughts come to my heart first, and then my head in remembrance; I remember you in diapers and one-piece zip-up footie jammies, and I adored every hair upon your one-year-old head. Becoming your father was humbling, because before you I never knew what love was, in the sense that I’d loved people before, but not in this new all-consuming, oceanic way. There’s just something about the flesh of your own flesh, and the bone of your bones -to love someone far more than I do myself is both astonishing and electric.”

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Why Are You a Nationalist?

We rarely get asked the question, but we think about the answer all the time. Some arrive at our worldview as avid readers or students of history, others sense that something is deeply wrong in our society and want to know why, and many are simply principled men who refuse to accept lies and hypocrisy. For me it was a little bit of all of the above, but I really became a White Nationalist only after becoming a father.

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